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Urbanization and technological advancements have not been without their own side effects. They have impacted in almost every aspect of the lives of average Americans. This is perhaps because many have to make ends meet to cope with everyday inflation and increased standards of living. This has in particularly impacted heavily on the eating habits of many Americans with many winding up with wrong choice of eating habits. It is a fact that many of those who reside in urban areas rarely eat healthy foods. They are more comfortable with junk or fast foods which are ready for take away and suite their hectic schedules. The purpose of this paper is to examine which of the two types of eating is healthy. What influences the choice of either of the two?

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Fast Foods

Fast food is often found in restaurants with quick service which ensures that food preparation and serving is done within the shortest time possible. Some refer to fast foods as junk foods due to the fact that they add very little to our bodies in terms of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Fast foods usually contain ingredients tat have either been pre-cooked or pre-heated. Eating points may range from kiosks to small restaurants and usually the service is that of take-away. This due to the fact that space is always an issue and because most of the places are normally crowded with people getting their orders. Fast foods are mostly popular with the younger generation of Americans and have been seen particularly to be favored by the average American teenager. Perhaps because of the fact that previously values of healthy eating are increasingly becoming irrelevant to them.

Organic Foods

Organic foods refer to foods that are not produced industrially using synthetic procedures such as chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are instead foods that are manufactured in compliance with organic standards set by individual governments. In the case of America, this particular industry is regulated by the organic foods production act of 1990. The growing g of organic foods has its dates back to the 1940s and was entirely responsible for the introduction of the green revolution.  In most urbanized and economically stable countries, policies that require correct specifications for the attainment of certification for the growing of organic foods have been instituted and are maintained for the greater safety of the public. It has been said that organic foods are relatively safer for human consumption than the usually conventionally grown foods. However further reviews have indicated otherwise and so both conventional and organic foods share the same percentage in safety assurances. In spite of this, studies still show that organic foods have a larger component of nutrients in them and thus add considerable value to our bodies. In the United States, the demand for organic foods keeps increasing despite the costs.

What Influences The Choice Of Either Of The Two Types Of Foods?

Because of the heated debate the two types of foods have generated, many Americans have come out strong; each to support what they feel is advantageous to tem in terms of healthy eating. It is emerging that organic foods are gaining ground as the more safe of the two because of the many testimonials and personal accounts that are presented as evidence of how positive it is on our health. It s popularity is however hampered by factors that are very technical and touch on issues like high prices and time wasting. Many Americans would rather they eat fast foods which is easily accessible and very cheap rather tan carry a whole bag of groceries home at exorbitant prices then figure out how to cook them.

On the other hand, medical reports advising against eating of fast foods have succeeded in ensuring the average American becomes more aware of what he or she is eating and not to eat just for the sake of eating, but for a healthy living. However it is important to note that even so, most of the main consumers of fast foods are the younger generation. This is probably because fast foods have been in existence long before organic foods became popular. It thus became a culture that was shared indiscriminately among Americans and it is this factor that continues to draw Americans to fast food restaurants.


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