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Nature of the Program

The main goal of the program is to improve the existing health conditions for the identified rural communities. This will be achieved selecting and educating 5-7 members of each the rural community to serve in a position of Health and Sanitation Advisors. They will be in charge of educating their communities on better hygiene and significant sanitation practices within three months of program implementation. Another objective will be to decrease the current incidents of cholera and other highly contagious, but preventable diseases to under 2 percent of the population in rural communities. Two of the appointed Health and Sanitation Advisers within each rural community, will be equipped with a supply of chlorine, aqua-tabs, gloves, and the surgical masks that are supposed to be applied in the event ofan outbreak, and this is supposed to be achieved within two months of implementation.

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Program Monitoring and Evaluation

For the purpose of having an effective day-to-day implementation of the program at the community level, an implementation and monitoring committees will be created. Such committees will have a combination of the following members:

In addition to recording of the construction activities within the community, the selected committee will also keep a clear record on the existing health statistics in the community. This will notably assist the committee to effectively monitor the possible health impact of the program. They will also be able to determine the significant need to have corrective measures put in place, and this is considered when necessary. The frequency of meetings is supposed to be every two months, and it will a time of evaluating on the progress of the program.

Management, implementation and sustainability

The overall implementation of the identified program will effectively be coordinated by the local Fonkoze under the supervision of the American Red Cross. The Rural Program Director from American Red Cross will supervise Fonkoze while identifying 5-7 individuals from each rural community taking part in the Kore Fanmi Fonkoze program. The selected individuals will then be appointed as health and sanitation advisors within their community. The Health and Sanitation Advisors will have to undergo a three day intensive training, which has been planned to be led by one of twenty-five health workers selected in the program. After the implementation process of the program is over, the implementation and monitoring committees in each community will be changed into monitoring committees. The program will be self-sustainable after seven months of operation.