Free Obama's Heath Care Plan Essay Sample

The health care plan by Obama was intended to offer the people of the United States with security under the reforms in the health care program. The plan was a design to offer stability and security to the people who already have insurance in heath care and those who did not have any form of health care in their condition with little cost or on free basis. The ultimate goal was to ensure the affordability of health care for businesses, families and the government at large. Upon its establishment, a lot of people thought that the health care plan was against the constitution of the United States. It was ideally thought that the plan contradicted the first amendment on the constitution where individuals have been given the right to choose as they please. The first amendment is desecrated since it requires all people to make a choice of health care. However, the Obama plan on health care was meant to strengthen the power of the people of the United States. The goal of the health care plan is to free the people of America from a system of corruption but many people are too blind to realize that.

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Many people view the same subject differently and my stand on this plan is very positive. There are high promises and unbounded hope in the future of health care in the United States. One of the advantages of the health care plan is the fact that it will not add a dime on the present deficit. The plan is paid for, upfront. It will create an autonomous commission of medical experts and doctors to identify fraud, abuse and waste in the system of health care. Again, the plan will actually order important and instant medical malpractice reform efforts that will assist medical professionals to prioritize their patients rather than engaging in defensive practice of medicine. All the same, big employers will be expected to cover their workers and people who can manage to buy insurance so that all people will become part of the reform plan.

I am confident that the plan has a sustainable benefit that is achievable. The strategy of creating a national health insurance where people may purchase the new plan of the public would be very useful. This would require all participants to choose the public plan or opt for other qualifiers. Consequently, there will be a cost reduction as a result of the participation of all people. The cost of financing the program will be between $50 and $ 65 billion dollars which can be paid for by the other participants. The health care plan will have a very positive result on the economy. Initially, the present system of health care takes up about 18% of the country’s GDP ranking it the highest in the world. I am therefore positive to this plan because it will deal with that expense and promote a better care in health. A good number of the Americans without the health care insurance will access these services and thus enhance their welfare. This plan will help promote professionalism and transparency in the health care system where billions of dollars are lost to criminal acts.

In conclusion, the Obama’s health care plan may not have had a great impact initially but it is due to take its full course in like 5 to 10 years. It will be of great benefit to both the current and future generation. It is important for Americans to look into the future and abolish selfish stands by using everything at present. I am most confident that the Obama health care plan is a very useful option to address the current challenges in the health care system. The current system of health care is founded on making huge profits at the expense of the welfare of the people in the United States. Therefore, Obama’s health care plan is a useful endeavor that moves in the right direction to turn around the fortunes of Americans. 


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