Free Combating Childhood Obesity Essay Sample

The article is based on the premise that childhood obesity is a serious issue that has often been portrayed as insurmountable. The author is of the opinion that there needs to be a more positive campaign on healthy options of alleviating and avoiding childhood obesity instead of preaching about the negative effects of obesity. The author reports that there is need to, “...change the national conversation about obesity and illness from a negative one to a positive one about being fit and healthy”. According to the author this can be done through advocacy by physicians, whose medical opinion is respected within the community. In the article it is stipulated that it is important not only to educate the public on ways of combating childhood obesity, but it is more important to change the environment so as to help to prevent and reduce obesity and overweight among children. The author explains that it is important to curb childhood obesity so as to increase the life expectancy of the current generation of American children. The article postulates that steps need to be taken at the federal, state, local and institutional levels in order to decrease childhood obesity. The author stipulates that it is important for children to engage in more physical activity within their environment and eat healthier foods, in order to avert obesity.

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The article articulates what physicians can do to decrease childhood obesity within their communities. The author provides statistics to show the number of children affected by obesity in America in order to show the severity of the issue. The author does not conduct her own research but relies on data from other authors and institutions, to present her points. The article, for instance, relies on data from a report prepared by The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity, where the author extracts some of her recommendations. The information provided supports the need for physicians to advocate for healthy options of food and also a safe environment where children can engage in physical activity. The author is however of the idea that inasmuch as educating the public on health matters is important, it does not contribute as much as changing the children’s environment. This means that children have to be surrounded with healthy options of food, and they have to be provided with the right environment to engage in physical activity among other things. This opinion is supported by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The article is well written and presents the ideas in a concise and clear manner. The author could have conducted her own study but she articulates very well the various perspectives from the different authors. The article also presents a unique perspective of a very relevant issue which has been labeled a crisis by many physicians as well as the general public. This makes the article interesting and pertinent to the reader.


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