Free Staying in a Good Shape Essay Sample

To stay in a good shape means to be active every day. The best way for this is to start doing physical exercises every day. First, one should make a plan of the activities that will lead to a better shape and health. It`s essential to write in your notebook the curriculum of your day.  This is the first step, which organizes a person and gives him/her a direction.

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The next step will be the morning exercises every day, on which one can spend five-ten minutes every morning after getting up. It`s important to have some program of exercises, which can help to train the muscles and stretch the body for better starting of the day. Find a good place for the exercises; it could be a room, a backyard or a gym. If choosing a room, it must be a big one with much light and fresh air. Keep the windows open. Training in a backyard or a special playground is perfect, because you can stay in the fresh air, what is good to your health. A gym is also good, in case you can stay there longer. After the morning exercises take a shower and dry your hair, never go outside with wet hair, especially in winter or when it is cold. After that it`s essential to have breakfast and not to overeat or eat low fat food. Then you should have a rest according to your interests or needs. You can go shopping or do some work at home.

If there is a swimming pool not far from your home, the best place for training, relaxing and getting a good physical shape is there. Make sure you have all the necessary things for swimming: a swimming suit, special swimming hat, slippers and a towel. These are the things that one needs in a swimming pool. If you are not so experienced in swimming, take an instructor, who will explain you what to do, or just watch how other people do that. Attending a swimming pool will give you a chance to stay in a good mood the whole day. After swimming take a shower, dry yourself with a towel and drink some juice or water, stay for a while inside, let your body to get dry. Then you can go outside, drive your car, take a bus or simply walk where you need.

If the decision was to dedicate the day for physical training, the last step will be in the evening after the dinner. A good workout in a gym will be absolutely useful for you. Take an instructor, who will show how to train with different workout machines and use various programs. Start with jogging, wear a belly belt for better workout and try to walk two-three miles, if tired change the speed or level. You can choose different programs, like climbing or going up and down.  After walking for about thirty-forty minutes go and drink some water or juice and have some rest. Then the instructor you took will explain you what to do next; it depends what kind of muscles you want to train. All the exercises help to lose calories and get a better shape. After the gym a good shower and a strong sleep at night will give more strength.

To conclusion, it`s important to remember that you don`t have to train too hard for the first time, unless you were not training before. You have to do that step by step, more for satisfaction and not like a hard job. If you like your first experience, then you will do it again and again.


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