Free What Is Obesity Essay Sample

What is obesity?

Excess body fats, deposited in the body.

Causes of obesity

  • Genetic

Obesity can be influenced by individual family which can running in the family.

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  • Environmental

Mostly this involves ones lifestyle which can influence one becoming obese.

  • Psychological

People tend to eat more when they are stressed this also influences one to become obese. The grocery manufacturer of America [GMA] argues that "childhood obesity is one of the most nations' public health challenges. To reduce childhood obesity they must provide parents and children with healthier choices, promote nutritious eating habits and provide new opportunity for physical activity."

The [GMA] is taking responsibility as contributors to the obesity pandemic by

  • Teaching kids about calories in and calories out.
  • Using adverts to encourage, good eating habits.
  • Better beverage choices in schools,
  • Clear signposts for grocery shoppers                                                                           
  • Joining in the global fight, against poor health.
  • Wellness in workplace, worldwide.

Gma is recommending restriction to access to unhealthy food which can be the answer to the obesity menance.gma is collaborating with the relevant authorities to restrict unhealthy foods in schools and also shopping malls.

Press release of this article about obesity is a way forward in helping in combating the prevalence of obesity in our homes and the society at large.


In my opinion it's not the fault of the industry to increase the prevalence of obesity, but it's the responsibility of the consumer who is responsible for the unhealthy eating habits which facilitates the existence of obesity. It's not really a crime to offer the consumer with a variety of food stuffs, because it's his/her right to choose from a variety of food for which to choose from.


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