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Any job interview should aim at obtaining important information while building rapport with the candidate. However, some questions asked during the interview may be too personal. An understanding of legal rights is therefore very important in any interview process. Legally, interview questions about sex, religion, color, birthplace, age, disability, race and family status are against the laws of most states. Such questions are considered personal, intrusive and discriminatory by law. However, whether or not I will answer the questions on these topics will depend on the intention of the interviewer.

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The Questions and Responses

A question asking me whether I am a citizen of the United States may be illegal but I may choose to simply reply that I am authorized to work in the U.S. If an interviewer asks me about my birthplace, I would simply state that I am a citizen of America by law. I may also have no problem answering a question on which languages I can write and speak if the intension is not to establish my native language. In addition, I may have no problem with questions asking whether I belong to a club or any social organization. This is because even as it sounds personal, the intention may be to find out my interaction or leadership skills.

However, I may be reluctant to answer any questions I perceive to be very personal, intrusive and discriminatory. For example, I may not answer questions on my native tongue, race, religion and nationality directly. Such questions may be framed as: what religion do you practice? How many children do you have? How do you feel about being a lady? Such questions are illegal and discriminatory and no matter how much I may be in need of the job, I may not answer them.

In conclusion, whether or not I will answer a question regarded as personal or discriminatory during any interview will be guided by the perceived intention of the interviewer.


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