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This report is about an interview carried out from a victim of an occupational injury. The interview took two hours, and important information about the injury was obtained. The name of the victim is Rashed Albuloshi who suffered an injury during when carrying out activity of the project, causing his missing at work for a month.

Additionally, other members have been missing to attend to the project for a week because they were interviewing one of their members who got injured. This report provides information about the event that led to the injury, when the victim got the injury, the extent of the injury, and the duration and success when rehabilitated. This report will also talk about changes at the workplace after the tragedy, and changes on how the victim performs his task.

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Events that lead to the injury

Rashed Albuloshi was one of the members in a project, who performed his duties efficiently with a lot of hard work. It was a project activity whereby all members were to run outside. It was on 4th may, 2010 when Rashed was running outside together with his friends, when suddenly fell down since he was running very fast, unfortunately, broking one of his shoulders. This injury made Rashed undergo surgery in the hospital.

The surgery was expensive, and other members had to look for ways to help him. They contributed some money in order to help one of their money. From far, one could see that Rashed was seriously injured since he was struggling with the pain he was feeling. He took almost two weeks in the hospital before he was given the permission to recuperate at home. At home he took three weeks to recover, and use his arms again; although, he had not fully recovered. His family had to take care of him since he could not use his arms due to the injured shoulder. After one month, Rashed was able to report to work, which really helped the project.

Since the incident was serious, there was a visit OSHA who carried out a thorough inspection on the area where the accident had occurred. The inspection was conducted for twenty four hours in order to advice on the cause of the accident. Inspectors used other members of the project who were running with Rashed to get information. They were interviewed privately about events of the day of the accident. At the end of the inspection, they reported that the accident was caused by the high speed of running since the field that was used was suitable for running. They advised on dangers of running fast, and discouraged it since it could lead to more injuries or death of the members of the project.

Changes at Rashed’s workplace after the incident

During the incident, when Rashed had been admitted to the hospital, many changes hard occurred at the workplace. All duties Rashed did in the project were done by other members of the project. They were overloaded with work, and sometimes they could not perform their work effectively due to fatigue. The fact that one of their member was in the hospital, affected them psychologically, and this affected their performance in their work.

When Rashed reported to work after recovery, some changes in his performance changed. He could not work for many hours as he used to, and most of the time he borrowed permission to go home so that he can rest. His performance is now not efficient because of the injury which has affected his health. Other members are left to do some of his work so as to improve its performance.


Injuries are very dangerous, and therefore, members of the project should be careful when carrying out occupational activities such as running to avoid accidents. They should avoid running at high speed to avoid falling down, which is the cause of many minor and major injuries.


From the above incident, it is evident that accidents are dangerous, and may also affect the performance of the victim, especially in his or her work. Therefore, people should be careful when performing occupational activities in order to avoid accidents.


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