Free An Interview on Global Warming Essay Sample

In conducting a research on global warming, the researcher will interview the following individuals: an environmentalist, a meteorologist and a geography expert. Global warming is on the increase and many nations are already feeling its effects. The subject of global warming has been debated by many scientists and other interest groups concerned with the safety of our environment. Scientists and environmentalists have noted with a lot of concern that global warming is likely to seriously affect the world ecosystem in the near future.

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They therefore contend that unless serious measures are taken to reduce its advancement, we shall face myriad challenges in a few years to come. Current studies on global warming indicate that there is a high rate of carbon emissions which aggravates the rate of global warming. In order to find dependable solutions to this problem, the researcher will interview the above mentioned individuals using the following questionnaires.

Questionnaire for a Global Warming Interview

1. What are some of the major environmental challenges affecting the world today?

2. What is global warming?

3. What are the causes of global warming?

4. How can people prevent or reduce the rate of global warming?

5. What are the possible effects of global warming?

6. Which steps have been taken to mitigate the effects of global warming?

7. A part from these steps, what else can be done to control global warming?

8. What are some of the challenges currently faced in trying to control global warming?

9. How does global warming affect the ecosystem?

10. Which parts of the world have been seriously affected by global warming and why?

11. What will happen to the human race if global warming is not controlled?

12. Which organizations are concerned with global warming and the environment?

13. How can human beings all over the world be committed toward environmental conservation?

14. What is your opinion about global warming?

15. A part from environmental challenges, what are some of the problems currently affecting human beings?


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