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Do you believe police officers protect each other under a, “Blue Curtain?” Why does such a thing exist and how prevalent do you think this is if at all?

Police officers are people who face many challenges while performing their duties. The main reason is because they interact with different people who have different issues and are expected to make informed decisions by the end of the day. In addition, they are also expected to maintain the relations that they have with their colleagues. This factor makes them to protect each other especially when they are in difficult situations. I therefore believe that police officers protect each other under the “blue curtains.” There are many factors that contribute to this. One of the factors is the relationship bonds that exist among them.

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Protection is very important because it helps to maintain the relationships that exist between them. Failure to protect each other is a sign of betrayal which can be taken very seriously and can lead to seclusion or discrimination. Police officers also protect each other because they know they have the power and weapons that they can use to do away with a person who has disclosed their mistakes or wrong doing.  There have been many cases that involve police officers where some of them have turned against each other which have resulted to death. Police officers therefore protect each other to prevent such scenarios and loss of life. Police officers also collaborate in carrying illegal activities hence they protect each other because they know exposing one person can affect the other person who was involved.

As a member of your local community, what quality do you think is most important to becoming a successful police officer and why?

 There are important characteristics that should be considered by community members when recruiting police officers. This characteristics enable them do their job well and perfectly. One of the most important characteristic of a police officer is good and strong communication skills. This is because the police officers engage in activities that require interaction will different people from different backgrounds. Police officers also deal with different people in terms of their level of understanding. It is important to note that some people take long to understand some concepts while others understand concepts within a short period of time hence they should be patient when dealing with such people. It is therefore important for them to have good and strong communications skills so that the people they interact with can understand them.

The other important characteristic is common sense. Some of the cases and issues that police officers are minor or too small hence they require common sense for them to be handled and be managed accordingly. This happens because some people take some issues seriously no matter how small they are. A police officer who lacks common sense is likely to have problems when sorting out such issues hence it is a characteristic that should be considered.

Decision making skills is another important characteristic. Hasie and Dawes (2011) define decision making as a thought process that involves making logical choices from the options that are available. The authors further explain that it is important for an individual to weigh the possible negative and positive outcomes before making a decision. Cases that police officers handle require skills that will enable them to arrive at a solution. This requires a lot of thinking, knowledge and skills in order to determine the step that should be taken.

Integrity is an important characteristic that should be considered.  According to Cox, Caze and Lavinem (2003), integrity involves an uncompromising adherence to a code of conduct or moral, values and other autistics. Integrity also means that the police officers should be sincere in what they say, be honest, and avoid deception. This helps them to perform their duties without discrimination or favorism. They should also adhere to morals principles and rules that have been set to govern them.

Empathy is a characteristic that community members should consider when recruiting police officers. Empathy is the ability of an individual to understand another person’s situation and being part of a person’s feelings. This means that a police officer should be a person who puts himself or herself in another person’s shoes. This is very important because it enables them to understand the other persons situation better hence they can be able to sort out the issues in a better way.

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Sir Robert Peel developed nine principles to guide the newly formed London Metropolitan Police. Which do you believe still apply to police work today and why?

Sir Robert peel developed nine principles that are used as guidelines by the police forces. In this context, one principle is discussed which states that the police must secure the willing cooperation with members of the public in the voluntary observation of the law in order to secure and at the same time maintain the respect that they have for the public. This principle still applies because the police officers need a person’s cooperation in order to help them. This is because the police cannot work alone when carrying out investigations. They need the help of witnesses and people who are involved in a certain issue for them to be able to gather information which enables them to arrive at decisions. Observing the law is also important. This is because it helps in the reduction of number of crimes which improves security in a country. The public must therefore cooperate with the police to ensure that the laws are observed accordingly.

Would a single National Police Force be a viable option to the various Federal, State and Local police agencies? Why or why not?

Please offer support for your position using logical and reasoned analysis.

Single National police force would not be viable to the various Federal, State and Local police agencies. This is because there is need to have divisions in those forces which are based on specializations. Multiple forces enable the police in various divisions to perform their work perfectly. As a result, duties are performed efficiently and effectively.  Multiple divisions also helps to improve the kind of training that is conducted to improve the performance of police in their places of work.  This helps in making them to be more effective when performing their duty which improves the performance of the overall police force.

Prompt: Do you believe that terrorism carried out by extremists professing a belief in Islam is in some way qualitatively different from acts of terrorism related to other religious or political extremism?

Terrorism carried out by extremists professing a belief in Islam is not quantitatively different from acts of terrorism related to other religious or political extremism. This is because the different forms of terrorism violate the morals standards of individuals involved. It is important to note that extremists have the same mission which is not determined by their religion, race and political background r sexual-oriented opponents. However, Douglas, Burgess and Burgess (2006) note that, analysis of the targeted property is very essential in the determination of the specific motive for the extremist arson.

Prompt: Should the term “homeland security” be defined narrowly or broadly?

How would you define “homeland security”?

According to the executive office of the president and homeland security council (2007), homeland security is defined as a concerned national effort to prevent terrorist attacks in a country especially within the united states of which assists in the reduction of vulnerability to terrorism and at the same time minimizes the damage and also recover from attacks that occur. The homeland security should be defined broadly to avoid preventing public policy implications that might arise.

Discuss what practical public policy implications that might arise based on how narrowly or broadly the term is defined.

One of the public policy implications that are likely to arise when the homeland security is defined narrowly is lack of oversight. Lack of oversights creates doubts and misinformation whereby, individuals cannot know or understand what is expected of them. The other implication is that defining homeland security narrowly can be too encompassing. Tambs-Lyche (1980) points out that encompassing can result to confusion in the understanding public policies which can complicate them.

In conclusion, police officers have a major role to play in the protection of citizens and the country at large. They should be well trained in their area of specialization to ensure that they provide maximum security. Police officers should not protect their colleagues because this practice is likely to have a negative effect to the country at large.


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