Free Cross-Cultural Interview Essay Sample

The cross cultural interview has been conducted with the representatives of two cultures. The first respondent is the representative of US cultural environment and the second respondent is the representative of the Chinese cultural environment. The survey has been developed in accordance with the key components of eth cultural awareness: attitude, skills,  reconciliation and implications and their impact on the quality of  the communication and interaction between the representatives of different cultural environments both in the light of personal communication  and in the light of the impact of the communication between the representatives of different cultures for business such option has been obtained by me due to the fact that Lui is already employed by the US company).

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After making the survey I have made the following conclusion that the development of the competence in the cross-cultural aspects understanding results the effective interaction with the representatives of different cultural environments.

This issue, in turn, provides me, as the culturally aware person with the competitive advantage in particular situations, related to the communication with the foreigners.  Another respondent (Lui-the Chinese student, who is employed by the US company) has put an emphasis on the fact that cultural incompetence may lead to the following outcomes: damaging of the career and self-esteem of the individual and in addition, damaging the image of the entire nation. Also, Liu  the person employed in the organisation, which collaborates with the foreign partners (From Europe- France and Germany) has stressed on the fact that the role for the business interaction with the representatives of different countries and cultural environments is very important. The image of the person and of the entire organisation, where this person is employed, depends on the way the representative of this organisation interacts with the foreign partners.

To my personal opinion, while taking in account the cultural awareness, it is possible to make a conclusion that it is the way, human being is consequent for the personal reactions for the people, who have different cultural traditions and represent another social group or nation.

To the opinion of Lui, the attitude component  of the cultural awareness emphasizes on the different features existence between the training and increasing awareness of cultural beliefs and bias and training.

To my opinion, this component has been individually separated in order to provide the participants of the cross-cultural interrelation with the possibility of understanding own inner world and to clarify the own attitude towards the representatives of different social groups.

While discussing the skills as the component of the cultural competence Lui has mentioned that their focus is directed to the cultural competence practicing in order to achieve the perfect level in the cross-cultural communication. As for me, It is obvious that the fundamental tool of interacting between the representatives of different cultures  in the domestic scopes and in the international level is communications. It is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the gestures and other types of non-verbal communication are also considered the part of communicative process and should be polished. While talking in account the fact that these aspects of communication vary in different culture , the skills in this area require additional knowledge of the cultural environment specific.

After investigation of the cross cultural interactions, I have made a conclusion that the importance of cultural competence in the area of interaction between the representatives of different cultural environments an evident fact in the current world, which requires constant interrelation in the cross-cultural level.

Lui, as an expert in the cross cultural communications, has stated that in order to be successful in the business world, while acting internationally and to represent the highest level of cultural competence, it is important to represent the respectful attitude towards these differences and to accept the right of individuals for interpretation the world (in the scopes of the business- products, services and relations with the clients, colleagues and business partners.) in such manner as they do.

The next component of the cultural awareness, which have been discussed with the respondent, has been reconciliation. To my personal opinion, the core reasons of cross-cultural misunderstandings are the different worldviews, and consequently, the tensions, which are the derivatives of these different systems of values and/or the idealised behaviours vs. current practice.

Lui considers that the core task of the HR management is facilitation of the reconciliation between these opposing differences in order to develop the wider reconciling organisation. That is why in order to develop the consequence for the above listed issues, the HR is considered by Luias the key success factor in changing the business world and managing the dilemmas which are mainly created by the recognize, respect and reconciliation.

The last issue, which has been included into the interview, implies the cultural implications.  To my opinion, this aspect implies the respectful attitude towards the values and beliefs inherent within the cultures of each particular country.

 Lui has considered this issue from employees’ point of view. He has supported his opinion with the following examples: paying bonus for employee in US may be considered as the form of bribery in another country, and at the same time, in other countries, the baksheesh may be expected and in US the baksheesh is considered as the bribery. The next example of cultural awareness impotence implies the fact that shaking the hand of the bosses’ wife is acceptable in US and is considered as the highly inappropriate action for a man - (touching woman in public) in China

To conclude, it is important to put an emphasis on the fact that the nowadays business world implies the high competition and human relations in this case is one of the main success factors. That is why the cultural awareness and proper practical application of the knowledge in the area of cross-cultural elations add the competitive advantage for the particular employee and add the value for the entire business entity. 


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