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An interview is an evaluative activity that allows one to introduce himself/herself in such a way that can distinguish him/her from other candidates that apply for the same admission.  Both the interviewee and the interviewer engage in a conversation where they both ask questions that are relevant to the admission. The interviewee gets a chance to explain his/her individual abilities and qualities that will enable him/her contribute to the institution that her/she wants to be admitted to. This paper discusses the things that make an interview good or poor from the perspective of an interviewer.

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Things that make an interview poor/good

The interviewer should use the similar criteria in conducting the interviews. Otherwise, the exercise will be not being successive in the interviewer's perspective.  For instance, the evaluation of all the interviewees should be based on the agreed checklist. And the interviewee should be subjected to similar questions that are other interviewees respond to. This will better control the interview as it will lead to the minimization of the cronyism and favoritism which usually undermines the interview sessions and renders them not successive.

The interviewees decide to lie and pretend during the interviews. In this case, they fail to share the personal aspects that have impacted their past records such as the academic records. The interviewee fails to frame his/her weaknesses into the interviewer's perspective, fails to share his/her feelings and he/she becomes negative about his/her accomplishments (tips for a successive college interview).

The interview is seen as a poor one when the interviewee does not establish the required eye contact with him/her. This leads to ineffective communication as the parties do not face each other. For instance, the interviewee shows his/her nervous habits during the interview because maybe he/she was not able to identify them earlier before the interview. These kind of nervous habits are found especially in the interviewees who have never attended any interview.

Showing up late or early determines whether the interview is good/poor to the interviewee. The first etiquette for the interviewee is to reach the interview venue on time because arriving late creates very bad impression to the interviewee. Arriving on time shows that the person seeking an admission is ready and willing to be associated with the institution. Early preparation for the interview makes it successive to the interviewer because he/she will be disinterested on an interviewee who seems not to be prepared. The preparation can be done through conducting some pre interview researches that are very important as it equips the interviewee with the basic knowledge of the organization that she/he wants to be admitted to.

The failure by the interviewer to carry out an efficient search process which is significant in the identification of the right talented people will make the interview to be poor. For instance, the interviewee should keep in touch with all the persons he wants to as the competent professionals who are endowed with well interpersonal skills to fit the culture of the institution. This will plus keeping god relation with the interviewees will make the interview to be good in the perspective of the interviewer.

Finally, the interviews that are designed in a way that they cannot eliminate the poor perfumers are considered to be poor by the interviewers. In a good interview, a reasonable time period should be spent with the most talented candidates so as to avoid the scenarios that are annoying whereby the interviewees will realize the disinterested state of the interviewer.


Well planned, designed and impartial interviews are perceived to be by the interviewers as they lead to the identification of talented professionals.


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