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An interview can be described as a formal face to face meeting that is conducted with a primary intent of gathering information. According to Hirsch; proper mastering of the interview process determines the credibility and accuracy of information that is gathered (Hirsch, 1999). Some of the crucial essentials during an interview are such as the physical presentation, body expression and the extent of descriptive dialogue between the interviewer and the interviewee.

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Goals of an interview

The primary goal of an interview is to gather information about the interviewee. It can also be used to uncover problems relating to a certain issue in the society or gather information about processes. The information should be from a credible source hence should test facts and not opinions. Although the verification on the credibility of the gathered information is not done right away, an interview should lead the interviewer to obtaining real facts on real issues.

Overview of basic information

Prior to the interview process, the interviewer should have a brief overview of the interviewee so as to understand the approach he or she will take during the process. Some of the don'ts on the interview process are presumption. The interviewer should not form judgment regarding the interviewee hence should obtain basic facts about the interviewee such as what kind of person the interviewee is, his or her likes and dislikes . To avoid confrontation with the interviewee, the interviewer should determine which approach is beat in obtaining information.

Challenges in obtaining crucial information

One of the challenges in obtaining preliminary information about a potential interviewee is that obtaining private information is a difficult task. This is even difficult especially when the information is being obtained form a third party. Most people may misunderstand the real intentions behind being questioned about someone. Obtaining information before the interview hence becomes a daunting task and sometimes requires careful mental and physical approach so as not to be confused with intrusion to privacy.


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