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1) Tell me about your teamwork experience that how you persuade your teammates and resolve the problems and ultimately lead the positive outcome. And explain why this was important to you. Write specific details in the story. How this experience would help your career path to be a consultant?

Among my personal traits, I believe in athleticism which is one of my most exceptional assets. As a two-sport varsity athlete in high school and a person who naturally enjoys competitions, I continued to be active in team sports at XX University. I have played in the university's Intramural soccer tournament with a group of my friends since my freshmen year. Most of players in my team were high school varsity soccer players who were very passionate and competitive in the tournament. In the 2010 spring, I was nominated as a captain in my team and I was given the responsibility of fostering unity in the team.

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Despite the initial intention of genuine interest and commitment, the frequent conflicts caused disputes among the teammates. The common disputes were the individual's playing time in the field and mistakes that happened during the game. For example, a problem burst the day before the semi-final game where one of the teammates accused another for not passing to other teammates and tried to score goals with the aim of becoming a star player of the team. Their arguments expanded and a group of different teammates complained of the weak defense thus giving them an extra role of protecting the fields.

As a captain in my team, I needed to explain the importance of responsibility and collaboration that we should not transfer individual fault into someone else's, or team's problem. I persuaded my teammates that we must put the team's interest in front of personal goals and perceive how individual can contribute to team rather than doing what is pleased to him. I believe in a team-oriented environment, an individual's personal fault or deficit often affect the other's or team's overall performance.

I am an experienced communication specialist with extensive knowledge of public information tools and techniques. For instance, I have learned to communicate with diverse people and to adapt to different situations quickly, through considerable international experiences. My much exposure to different cultures has been enhanced by growing up in China, studying in the U.S. and traveling around the world. I am always eager and ready to learn new methods and procedures, and have implemented continuous improvement techniques in my past positions that increased productivity. I like working with people and enjoy group projects, but am also a self-starter who doesn't mind working on my own. My goals are to become a consultant and broaden my experiences of relating with the communities.

2) What was the most difficult situation or assignment in your academic experience and how did you overcome it and how this experience would help you to be a professional consultant in the future?

You should hire me because I believe that I am the best person for the job. I realize that there are likely other candidates who are also endowed with the ability to do this job. Yet I bring my passion for excellence as an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job. I am passionately committed to producing truly world class results. I know this job involves a ton of grunt work, but it's definitely something I'm prepared for. I believe crunching numbers and formatting presentation at all hours of the nights are small prices to pay for the incredible learning opportunity that this job will provide. During the last quarter, I took a class, "Money and Banking" There is a final group project whose topic was related to the class material that we learnt throughout the course.

I insisted to select a topic about the Sub-Prime mortgage incident because I wanted to learn more about how economists think about 'money', more especially regarding the many problems that are faced by monetary policymakers. However, some of my group members thought this topic was too heavy and complicated and suggested that we look for some easy topic that could make us get an A on the project. However, I believed that this topic was of significance to us since we were all Economic majors. I tried to make them understand the importance of the topic as it enhances our knowledge in finance and a better understanding on what happened on Wall Street in 2007, leading global financial crisis. Although there were many challenges when selecting a topic, I fortunately managed well and convinced them and we had a solid group project regarding the Sub-Prime mortgage incident. Finally, my education has focused not only on fundamentals, but also on the practical application of the information that has been obtained from the classes.


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