Free Interview Introduction Tips Essay Sample

The main aim of this part of the interview is basically establish a rapport with the interviewee. This is done by an introduction were one gives their name there position, introduce the rest of the interview committee. It is best for one to make a interview setup in such a way that it will be friendly to both the interviewee and the interviewer some of this include conducting the interview from the corner of a desk and not From behind it. You should then processed and explain 5the the interviewee on what your going top interview on and what you will be looking for. In addition he interviewer should in for the interviewee that they will be taking notes of the proceeding and time will be allocated for them to ask for clarification. Finally the interviewer should take more time listening rather than talking. Once you have completed the introduction one should do a resume review his is to bring every one up to speed on the content on the resume. This resume also clarified any aspect that may not be clear.

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1. The panel will ask you question to know you better.

2. The panel will also tell a bit of themselves.

3. We will share on the organizational opportunity.

4. We will then allow you an opportunity to ask questions for clarification.


1. If I could ask you to describe yourself in three words they would be?

2. Why do you like what you do?

3. Would you at any point change?

4. Where do you want to be in the next 5 years career wise?

5. If given an opportunity to create a dream job please mention some of the key aspects it would have?

6. At this point in your life, what do you feel you need and value the most?

7. About your current job do you...

...take it to be a lifetime career? __yes __no

...feel comfortable in the job? __yes __no

...frankly speaking find your pay worth? __yes __no


In the conclusion the panel should then explain to the interviewee the next step of the interview and other details they think are important to the interviewee to have in knowledge. In addition they should inform the interviewee that they will contact him. The panel should keep the details of the entire interviewed candidate for future reference.


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