Free Hospital Risk Management Essay Sample

This interview was carried out via phone with Mr. Berkeley, a case manager of Northwestern Memorial hospital in Chicago within the state of Illinois in the United States of America. This is a hospital that is endowed with very sophisticated equipment to handle emergency cases in both general healthcare and pediatrics.

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Interviewer: Can you provide an example of how you successfully used motivation or confrontation   when working with challenging clients?

Mr. Berkeley: Motivation is a very important aspect of professionalism and staff apprehension in the medical field. In our hospital, we employ this by identifying a risk or an unfortunate happening; after the realization of its probability, the risk is assessed and thereafter dealt with. Risks must be prioritized after identification and assessment in order to reduce any harm by the events of the risk. A risk can be a direct threat or in form of an uncertainty in that one has to carefully manage a risk psychologically, socially, economically as far as the context of the risk is involved. It is due to risk management programs and efforts that potential risks have significantly reduced while some have lowered in terms of the damage they cause. After identification and assessment of a risk, the events that lead to its management must be covered with priorities to reduce the harm.

Interviewer: How do you build a rapport with a new client in the hospital?

Mr. Berkeley: The purpose rapport in the health field is basically to control damage to the patient. After risk is identified, the process of prioritizing matters comes in as the team in control covers the initial stages of the risk to prevent further harm. Before risk is controlled, the team can be set for monitoring whereby they observe and come to terms with the situation on the ground so as to find ways and develop a strategy to curb the risk. Monitoring must be done by a team of experts with experience within the same context.

Interviewer: How do you mange stress and take care of yourself to avoid burnout?

Mr. Berkeley: Stress management is very important to this hospital and is achieved by identifying the risks associated with the patients first. After the risk of stress is monitored, the team of professionals comes up with the best way to control the damage as well as stop any event of harm from happening. With the correct team in place, risk management is effective in minimizing the unfortunate impacts of a risk. According to Grigorenko (2009), the health field is dogged with lots of risks and this comes with different methods which must suit the context in which the risk has resulted from. Risks can range from diverse contexts and methods for managing the risk therefore vary.


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