Free Interview with a Pakistani American Doctor Essay Sample

This interview is with a Pakistani American doctor who shares his experiences in the United States. The interviewer chose this individual for such a discussion as he is a doctor and medical practitioners anywhere in the world have more frequent interactions with the public, in the form of their patients, so they are more aware of the societal framework in any area. He is working in America so he confronts many of the rules and regulations of the State; is a part of the whole social structure, and is a professional entity of the employment system prevalent there. Being a Pakistani, he is a part of a culturally diverse population existing in America.

The doctor is an excellent subject of study of multiculturalism as he has grown up with more than one cultural identity. His views, help in understanding of the cultural interaction, the cultural isolation and the phenomenon between the two extremes in a particular area thronged by people of various languages, cultures, places of birth, religious beliefs and so on. From the conversation, we can make out that he professes a different religion from the mainstream populace so his thoughts provide a glimpse of the way; people practice their religion among other members of the community.

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As he said, he belongs to the third world country; the discussion makes us to believe that, a good lot of intellectuals contribute to the progress of America who actually hail from not so privileged countries in terms of economy. There can be brief spurts of remorse within the minds of audience as the doctor represents an individual who has to move from his homeland and created a niche in a foreign land to find new avenues of growth and prosperity.     

Living in America as a successful medical practitioner, the doctor has retained his identity and ethnicity. He is leading his life peacefully with his family and has developed belongingness for the country. Though he is perturbed by some incidents but he considers them all as generic and chooses to cherish his Pakistani-American individuality with no regrets on moving to foreign lands. He doesn't seem to be a submissive person but he knows how to mange himself well and adjust to any new environment.

A culturally diverse population comes into being when people who have different origins, languages, cultures, customs etc. come together. The collection of such entities is mostly driven by business and sometimes a search for safe haven. The variety may cause complexity in the beginning but as time progresses; a community develops its own unified identity irrespective of the inhabiting entities who may vary in various ways. The doctor is a perfect representation of such a community.

The doctor admits that there are no substantial social problems existing in America for people hailing from third world countries. According to him the public in America find it strange, communicating to professionals coming from other countries, as they bear no physical resemblance with them and follow a different accent. But when they come across such people more often, they get used to them and learn to accept them as their fellow citizens. Things get back on track after sometime.

Prejudices and discrimination exists in the American Society as affirmed by the doctor. Revealing his own experience, he recalls that once he was taken off a plane on account of doubt of some security risk associated with him. Though later on, he was allowed to travel as nothing was found against him.

He is disturbed by such prejudices, but he can not do much to help such situations, arising, time and again due to malicious groups existing around the world. He seems to be contemptuous of the dealings of the authority which gets swayed by the ethnicity of the wrongdoers and creates alarming scenarios for the innocent people instead of grabbing the exact crime perpetrators.

The family of the doctor is leading a happy and peaceful life in America. The idea underpinning tolerance and following the flow helps them to handle all the challenges, if they exist in the society. Showing any particular distinguished religious practices may be perceived differently by the crowd around, so they prefer to give a second thought while getting involved in functions of such sorts when outside the premises of their house or religious centre points.

"Ignoring the ignorant", is the slogan, the doctor professes for most types of misbehavior towards him or his family emerging out of the prejudices and taboos attached to the non-ethnic American community. He is of the view that there are "stupid" all around the world and ridicules himself as one of them. The suggestion, passed on, between the lines is to abstain from blaming the whole society on account of misdeeds of few individuals.

The doctor advises not to indulge into confrontations so as to avoid any experiences where ones sentiments are hurt because of a handful of people. He reiterated that neglecting the immature acts of the others will help in solving many pensive situations.

A forward looking attitude is what the doctor demands from all who want to stay and earn well on the American soil. His ideas are far ahead and more developed than the beliefs of the people who want to lead a secure life in their own homelands. The experiences of the doctor work as a guiding light for the new batch of doctors or Pakistani professionals, who want to head towards the greener pastures of a developed economy.

The greater philosophies of life like holding on to ones beliefs and moral values was reminded by him. Certainly these thoughts garner a lot of strength in any individual. To establish oneself in foreign lands always require a firm belief on ones own virtues. Time and again one has to pass the examinations and prove the law of "Survival of the Fittest". Further the doctor mentioned that "whatever glitters is not Gold" pointing to all the limelight, which sometimes fades out when one enters the real world.

The interview was quiet friendly and continued in a congenial way. The doctor praised the cooperation ushered on him.  He is ready to welcome the student in Denver.

The student is enlightened by the thoughts of the doctor. He found the interview useful in planning out his future ordeals in America. Listening closely to someone who is so experienced and knowledgeable renders a good feeling and enthusiasm. As the doctor has been in America for long and is working as a medical professional, his words are substantive.

The doctor was prompt in answering the questions and straight forward in comprehending them. This portrays the confidence he has in his personality and intellectuality. The student can learn undying optimism from the individual.

The interview does post some apprehensions that may appear before doing a business in America; if one belongs to a developing country. The progress of people in America is very much self dependent. One may develop a feeling of "lacking" something as compared to the Americans but that should not be the driving force as to conquer successful heights, one has to start somewhere or the other. The path may not be a bed of roses but hardwork can never yield thorns.

An honest outlook towards life, faith in God, confidence on our own abilities and willingness to work hard is the key to success. The doctor is an example of the many people who have come out of their inhibitions and made their dreams come true even in the oddities.


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