Free Personal Interview for a School Psychologist Position Essay Sample

Professional experiences

The school provides a very interesting work environment. Just like other professionals the school psychologists encounters several challenges. However, it is the positive results of my job that makes me feel proud of my career. The nature of the job requires me to create connections with children that help them succeed behaviorally, academically and socially.

Knowledge of content and materials

School violence can be reduced by assuming a holistic approach which requires the involvement of all stakeholders such as parents, students, the community, media, teachers and parents.

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Planning skills

It is very important to meet deadlines because it shows professionalism. In cases where one is not able to meet deadlines it is important to communicate to parties involved and inform them on the delay.  I provide counseling to students who are not able to meet their deadlines.

Relationship with the administration, staff parents and students

Team work refers to a situation whereby different individuals work together interpedently towards a common goal.  Teamwork promotes success because each member offers a helping hand in case of difficulties.

How do students describe you?

Students describe me as a reliable, honest and dependable person. I prefer students viewing me as a reliable person who is willing to help them out in case of anything. It is important to listen to the concerns of each parent and more so promote dialogue even when they are upset. It is also important to be confident and to show flexibility in decision making.

Roles and responsibilities

The schools environment usually provides a variable number of students to work with.  In some cases school psychologists set up schedules but must remain flexible in their undertakings in order to accommodate every student in need. As school psychologist it is difficult to predetermine a schedule and must always be ready for the unexpected.

Personal qualities

I look forward to helping the male student population in making confident and informed decisions. I would also like to see positive results for all the students that I work with.

I naturally love children and I am always glad to help them where I can. I like listening to their personal thoughts and experiences which has made me well suited for my career.

I am a self motivated, resourceful and honest person. I am always eager to learn new things relevant to my career. I also find it important to lead an honest life and influence other people positively.

My ability to listen to every child without prejudice allows me to carry my duties effectively.

I am a team player and I have achieved more as a team player than as an individual. Children are best raised when all stakeholders are involved.

Behavioral questions

Describe a time when you faced a stressful situation that demonstrated your coping skills.

I was once required to contact a parent who had more than 25 absences. Although, the parent was constantly contacted and informed of the consequences which she would face for her absences she did not reciprocate. At the end I was forced to contact the court and had a subpoena issued to her. It was really difficult to face the parent and discuss pertinent issues after reporting her behavior.

Give me an example of when you showed initiative and took the lead.

On one occasion in my last position, the principal fell sick as I was asked to step up temporally as the acting principal in our institution. Although I was required to continue with my work I was able to perform the principal's responsibilities just as well.

Give me an example of when you motivated others.

My career requires me to motivate students on a regular basis in order to help them achieve their goals.

Describe a situation that best demonstrates your ability to be flexible and adaptable to a new situation.

The aforementioned situation whereby I temporality acted as the school principal required me to be flexible and fill in the new position and still proceed with my regular work as a school psychologist. My job requires me to be flexible and dynamic in order to offer the best services possible.

Give me an example of a time when you identified a problem, gathered information, and recommended a solution.

On one occasion a student came to school with a loaded fire arm. I gathered information relating to possession of the loaded pistol from the student and his friends.  I later contacted the parents, police and legal officers for professional advice. The parents were lastly charged and the child received counseling on the issue.


Do you have any experience with "crisis intervention" techniques or management strategies?

Yes I work collaboratively with personnel at children hospital and crisis personnel. This helps me refer children who are under a crisis situation. This allows the child to receive professional services from experts in the relevant fields.

How would you create and promote a safe atmosphere in the school?

I would involve all the individuals at the school premises in matters relating to safety in their relevant fields. I would involve these parties in identifying safety concerns and developing mitigation strategies to promote safety in the institution.


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