Free Financial Admin Associate Interview Essay Sample

A senior student, Accounting major, was interviewed for this informational report. She works as a financial administrative associate at Lowe’s Companies Inc., a United States based chain stores of retail home improvement and appliances stores. The following is a detailed report on the findings of the informational interview. The report will include what the job entails, the important responsibilities for the job, and the day to day experiences encountered on the job.

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It was noted that the main duties of an administrative associate are providing office support to managers and executives. The main responsibilities of financial services administrative associate include processing transactions involving stocks, bonds and other securities, communicating to clients about transaction histories and account balances.

Excellent math and data entry skills accompanied by excellent organizational skills is a must have for administrative associates working in financial and accounting departments. She applies logic and creative thinking in creating accounting balance reports that are submitted to the managers on a daily basis. What was particularly appealing about the job is that one only works for an average of 25 to 30 hours per week, and there is room for promotion if one is competent and or gets further education. Having started as a cashier at the age of sixteen, she later changed to this job which motivated her to Accounting major from the previous Math course she was pursuing before. In five years time, she expects to be working a senior manager in the accounting department. She plans to be a tax accountant and support a family of her own in the future.


The overall experience was good and informative. Though administrative jobs are said to be time consuming, it was evident that one can still do it as a part-time job and study at the same time. The interview helped me clarify my next step in pursuing a career path. I found out that I have the skills required for it and my doubts about long working hours were clarified.


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