Free Security Policies Essay Sample

  • Why do I need a unique user ID?

Identification is a key aspect of security. This prevents unauthorized access to the viewing, alteration or use of information by third parties. Moreover, the use of logon ID makes it possible to track user actions in order to identify a possible threat of data corruption. The use of logon IDs is a modern method of recording the actions of each of the users of the system.

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  • Why logon ID is inactive?

The system may deny user access for several reasons. First, make sure that your logon ID is correct, unique and meets all requirements. Secondly, the administrator may impose partial restrictions on access to certain categories of data or actions for certain users in accordance with their authority. Make sure your access request matches your responsibilities. Also, your logon ID can be deactivated by the administrator in case of your departure, vacation, dismissal or other reasons associated with the removal from work, as well as if you do not use logon ID for more than half a year. Also, the logon ID is automatically deactivated after three unsuccessful attempts to enter the system in order to prevent a possible threat of a cyber-attack. In this case, you need to contact the administrator to reset the passwords.

  • How to make sure the password is strong?

First, make sure that your password does not contain information that third parties may know, such as your date of birth, phone number, etc. Avoid using combinations like “qwerty123” as they are very popular and vulnerable. Make it diverse. Your password must include both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters, and it must be at least 8 characters long.

  • How to keep the password confidential?

First of all, use a unique password for each of the programs. Do not set the same passwords on all systems. Do not store passwords written on paper, in computer files or databases. Never share your password with anyone. Use special encryption and password storage programs. Turn off the browsing function when entering a password so that third parties cannot see it.

  • How long a confidentiality agreement lasts?

The confidentiality agreement is unlimited and is valid for the entire time when the employee works in the organization and has access to the database. The terms of the agreement may be revised and amended upon completion of the contract in the event of an employee transferring to a new position or dismissal.

  • What happens if I break the confidentiality agreement?

In case of violation of confidentiality, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the contract and the damage caused. The employee may also be forced to compensate for the damage caused or incur other legal liability prescribed by law.

  • What is access control?

Access control applies to physical security and refers to systems that are used to provide access to authorized persons and to prohibit unauthorized entry. It is usually used by employers to ensure the safety of their buildings, where employees use a key card or key fob to enter. The essence of access control in nursing is to analyze the compliance of the requested data with the user's access level. Users get access only to the necessary files, while the ability to access other systems or databases outside their authority remains closed. Access control is an important protective step to counter cyber-attacks through modems, servers, etc.

  • Who is responsible for the reliability of access control?

Most healthcare providers are users of access control systems, not managers of this. The interaction of the security service and the manager who knows the HIPPA rules and the need for each employee to access data ensures reliable and highly efficient use of access control systems.

  • What is the purpose of user login entitlement reviews?

The basic principle of security is that each employee has access to all the information necessary for the effective performance of their job functions, but no more. All information that is beyond his responsibilities should be hidden. User Logon Entitlement Reviews allows you to verify that all existing accesses are consistent. Promotion, relocation or dismissal of employees involves opening additional access, replacing access to one data with another, or completely removing it. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the status of employees up-to-date and regularly check whether an employee has access to his / her duties.

  • What should I do if I do not have the necessary access?

If you have changed your position in the organization, contact your manager so that he submits an application to the security service with your data to delete the old access and open a new one. If your position has not changed, ask the manager to review access to make sure that you have or do not have access to the information necessary for work. Also note that access may be restricted during departure, vacation, or in the event of dismissal.

  • In which case, the account can be deleted?

Access is removed only after the employee’s dismissal. If the dismissal is voluntary and the last day of practice is known, the manager first applies to the IT service about setting up the employee’s account for expiration. In case of spontaneous resignation, the manager should take care of the removal of access as soon as possible.

  • Can I save or restore access?

In the event of a return to practice, a new account can be created for the employee to provide him or her with access to the minimum amount of data necessary for the effective performance of the work. Access previously available will be lost if the new job responsibilities do not provide for the use of this data.


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