Free Troubled Young Teacher Mentor Discussion Essay Sample

Narrator: Larry, young teacher, is troubled and finally finds his mentor to discuss the problem.

Mentee (The Concerned): Mr. Jacobs, I wanted to talk to you about…

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Mentor (The Easy-Goer): Hey Larry! How are you?! How was your first day with the class today?

Mentee: Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.  In general, it was fine. Many students seem to be very interested with the subject and responsive…

Mentor: See! I told you! Nice guys, aren’t they?

Mentee: Yes, but I’m concerned with some of them. There are two boys who barely speak English. They are just sitting there and they get nothing out of the class. I tried to involve them into the discussions, but they are too detached from the rest of the class. Something needs to be done with them. Dr. Latterd should be informed. They need special English classes or something, or they may need to be transferred to…

Mentor: Aziz and Kumar! Yeah, I know them. New students.  Nice guys, very good at sports.  They are quite intelligent; just need some propping with English. The management knows about the situation. It’s taken care of. 

Mentee: Why haven’t you told me about them? How exactly it’s taken care of?

Mentor: Ehmm, not sure. Dr. Latterd arranged something. You can ask him. Besides, we have the same students almost in every class. We can’t give a special treatment to everyone.

Mentee: But how they are supposed to learn anything and pass the exams?

Mentor: Don’t stress out, Larry. It’s not unusual. We have an immigrant neighborhood. It always works out. Try to engage them in different ways. Try to keep them busy.

Mentee: You should have told me about them. Maybe I’d have prepared something.

Mentor: C’mon Larry. It’s gonna be fine. Wanna grab some beer?

Mentee: No, thanks. I should probably prepare for the class tomorrow.

Narrator: FREEZE


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