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Impact of Agents in Soccer

In the modern day world of soccer, agents have turned out to be instrumental. This is attributed to the fact that most clubs in USA, Europe, South America and even Asia jostle and contest for excellent soccer players. Most soccer players in major European Leagues such as the English Premier league (in England) and La Liga (in Spain) are usually at liberty to relocate from one club to a different one during a transfer period. Therefore, many soccer agents have taken advantage of this state of affairs by capitalizing on their clients positions. For that reason, it is crystal clear that agents are valuable to the soccer players.

Normally, they (the agents) introduce expertise which is lacking in the contemporary soccer. This skills/expertise includes business and laws governing both the players and the clubs. Others are monetary and marketing skills.

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Path Necessary to become a registered Soccer Agent

The world soccer governing body set of laws requires a soccer federation in a particular country to come up with processes for registering new soccer agents. These regulations also require that for a person to be registered as an agent, he or she ought to have conformed to its requirements (FIFA requirements).

For an individual to be registered as an agent, he or she ought to be a citizen of United States of America. Two, he or she ought to have stayed in the country for not less than two years.Three, he or she ought to complete the enfolded/enclosed application with a non-refundable payment of US dollars four hundred (400) to the United States Soccer Federation. Four, he or she ought to tender to an unlawful/criminal test. Five, the interested person ought to pass a written examination. In order to write this examination, one must pay a sum of two hundred (200) US dollars.

Six, the applicant ought to attain certified liability insurance. This insurance must conform to the necessities that have been specified in the World Soccer governing body's Players' Agent set of laws.  Seven, the applicant ought to sign the code of professional conduct form. Subsequently, he or she ought to return the signed form together with 2 passport-sized photos. These photos are normally used in the manufacture of the ID (identification) card. Last, in a scenario in which the application has been rejected for whichever reason, he or she ought to send it (the application) to the World Soccer governing body for consideration.

With a better understanding of the process, set up an informational interview with a club scout and assess the impact of agents in the game in terms of assisting scouts in the promotion of players and the impact of agents in negotiating contracts?

This form of interview (informational interview) is characterized by the occupation/job hunter asking for vocational counsel. He or she uses the collected facts to look for job leads. On the other hand, as much as a job interview is concerned, it is the employer who poses the queries. However, as far as an informational interview is concerned, it is the job hunter who poses the questions.

I happened to interview the chief scout of La Galaxy football club.

Interview Date: 27/10/2010

Interviewer: Patrick Owito

Interviewee: Vinnie Jones

Below is the excerpt/extract of the interview.

Are Agents basically good for soccer?

According to me, this query is a bit tricky to respond to. In many instances it has a likelihood of resulting to an unconstructive/negative comment. However, soccer agents have considerably brought in radical changes within the world of soccer. They have greatly assisted in marketing soccer across the globe via their respective clients.

Could you please give specific examples on how they have managed to achieve this?

The public demand for professional soccer players such as Samuel Eto'o and Diego Forlan has contributed to escalated incomes in their respective clubs. These players have also attracted media attention and contributed to increased soccer interest across the globe. They have managed to achieve this due to the crucial role(s) played by their respective agents.

What is the impact of agents in the game in terms of assisting the scouts in promotion of the players?

Well, I can safely say that football game has taken a new course. I attribute this to the input of the agents in the contemporary game. Some scouts have argued that agents are good while others have constantly criticized their roles. Nonetheless, according to me it is crystal clear that agents do play a crucial role in developing soccer. They have also had a crucial role in the promotion of players and this has greatly contributed to the success of the concerned players.

To me, soccer agents are here in our club to carry on with their exemplary work. However, it should be noted that their responsibilities may perhaps alter in the years to come if the prevailing law concerning them (responsibilities of soccer agents) are amended by the World soccer governing body (FIFA). The monetary gain conveyed to the players by their agents is a strong indication that the players are enthusiastic in sustaining them (the agents).

What are the impacts of agents in negotiating players' contacts?

The task of a soccer agent is to basically assist in promoting his or her client (the client in this case refers to a football player). This promotion is intended to safeguard their wants in contractual discussions with their respective clubs. Moreover, he or she seeks to help a player in relocating to a different club. Specifically, he or she will pilot/guide in negotiations regarding a certain player with either the management of the club or its lawyers (lawyers of the football club). At the same time, the agent gives advice to his or her client on the existing alternatives. Also, he or she handles his or her patron's/client's monetary affairs.

How much does a soccer agent earn?

Frankly speaking, inside whichever industry such as the football industry which is characterized by huge monetary resources, several individuals attempt to amass to themselves this sum of money. It has actually been argued many times that agents do act as 'brokers' during the transference of soccer players. Therefore, they obtain huge sums of money. This amount of money is usually meant to plan for talks between the current club of the player and the future club.

Could you please provide a reason as to why some scouts criticize the role played by the agents?

You may possibly be aware that during the previous English Premier League season, Portsmouth Football club was relegated to the second division league. It had encountered enormous debts which estimated to be one hundred and forty million (140, 000,000) Sterling pounds. Most of these debts were incurred as result of down payments that were made to the agents. Moreover, a bigger proportion of these debts were attributed to excessive wages that were paid to the players. This act (excessive payment of wages to the players) was to a large extent influenced by the agents that are/were based in the club.


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