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Deceit among people who want to gain favors may ruin other people’s life. In the book The Crucible, John Proctor, the main character of the book struggles with external and internal conflicts in the story. John struggles with the guilt of having cheated on his wife, and has not forgiven himself. Abigail still seduces John who is still in love with him, and he feels uneasy when they are left alone. Elizabeth, John’s wife, is accused by Abigail of bewitching her, and this leads to her arrest. John had to struggle to help her since she was pregnant. This is Abigail’s plan in order to have John to herself. John convinces Mary to tell the truth, but she accuses him of being a witch leading to his arrest. He struggles to convince the court that all that was planned by Abigail since she wanted to ruin his marriage. The story shows how John battles in conflict in order to save his life.

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The following conversation is between the interviewer and two characters from the play, The Crucible. These two characters are Abigail and John.

Interviewer: The play reveals how deceit makes innocent people take the blame for the guilty parties due to circumstances. According to you two, what does deceit mean to you? Is it something that can help or lead to trouble?

John: Deceit in the play leads to trouble to the people who are innocent. I cannot deny that I was deceitful, since I lied to my wife after having an affair with another woman. I regret this, and that is why I could not forgive myself when I realized my wife was always frustrated and could not trust me anymore. This deceit also brought about the conflict between Elizabeth and Abigail, and that is why Abigail always tried everything to separate us. According to me, deceit kills, especially when the truth is not yet revealed.

Abigail: Deceit helps getting what they want. It also makes people suffer, especially those that are hated and hinder you from achieving what you want. I deceived in order to have John to myself since I loved him. In this case, deception helps; although, at the end, I had to put John into trouble so that I could save myself.

Interviewer: (refers the question to Abigail) According to play, you gave false information to the authorities so that Elizabeth could get in to trouble while you would be with John. Did you feel any pity for the action when you realized that Elizabeth was pregnant, and could have lost her child due to the accusations she was facing, which were lies too? Why didn’t you do anything to correct the situation?

Abigail: Elizabeth was one of my enemies in the play since she could not let me have the man I was in love with, John. This made me feel no pity or mercy for her even when she was pregnant and that’s why I could not save her baby. Her arrest to me was an advantage since it gave me an opportunity to have John to myself.

Interviewer: (refers the question to John) Why did you first agree to confess that you are a witch when you knew you were not in order to save your life? What made you change your mind later after you had already signed the paper?

John: I decided to confess that I was guilty at first so that I could save my life since I wanted to live longer. I wanted to be released so that I could mould my life better than before. This would also help save my wife who was pregnant in order to make her give birth safely at home where I could have taken care of her. I later changed my mind after I realized that the document could be used against me in the church, which would ruin my name. The village knew me as a respectable and decent man, and I did not want to ruin this. I believed that the truth would emerge, and I had to be patient.

Interviewer: In real life, would you treat other people in the same way you did in the play?

John: No, I would not act the same way, since I believe deception leads to suffering of innocent people.

Abigail: I love achieving all my goals; hence, in order to do that, I would deceive. Deception can help one defeat all hindrance of attaining something.

(The conversation ends with clapping from the audience).


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