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It was until the interview that I did realized that bullying is a very common practice at the work place, especially at the early childhood work place. It is a shame that some people are bullying others at work place. The administrators should therefore work very hard towards eradicating this vice at workplace. It would be therefore, of great importance as an educator to first establish the ways through which the professionals can handle and tackle such behaviors. Then it would be proper to determine and examine the factors fuelling or encouraging such behaviors. From the interview, it was apparent that individuals who pry into what their colleagues are doing at the work place commence such behaviors. These bullying behaviors are not healthy, since they discourage teachers and other professional from trying out new practices. Moreover, the behaviors are derogatory and may lower the morale of the workforce. Additionally, they humiliate and derail professionals from performing their duties, as early childhood educators effectively and efficiently.

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As leader in the early childhood sector, I strongly believe that administrators in this sector should take stern actions against individuals who perpetuate the vice of bullying. In addition, it would be appropriate as a leader to have the language and knowledge to initiate the remedy of such behaviors. Ideally, the creation of a new workplace culture and creating room for incorporating of new ideas and practices, which are deemed fruitful to the profession are some ways of reducing or averting the vice. Finally, I would fight for introduction of new curriculum that will ensure that every early childhood professional is taught about lateral violence (violence which usually aims at oppressing an individual deliberately) to help stop the domineering groups and individuals from oppressing others. As an assertive person and fraught with leadership skills, initiating and attaining goals will never challenge my leadership, however, coordination of numerous events at the work place may be a bigger challenge. Nevertheless, all good and acceptable leadership skills are nurtured through training and excise. Therefore, after BA I will train to be a professional early childhood leader or manager and fight for the rights of the early childhood workers.


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