Free Wendi’s Police Interrogation Essay Sample

Wendi Andriano is interrogated over the death of her husband Mr. Joe Andriano. Wendi’s husband had been seriously ill and had to stop working. Taking advantage of this condition, Wendi began going to bars frequently and engaging in extra marital affairs. As days went by, Wendi was discontented with her husband and derived a plot to kill him. She went ahead to seek assistance from her friends where she wanted them to pose as her husband so that she could receive a life insurance policy. She would also claim that she was physically abused by her husband though did not show any of the signs. Later she began giving her husband poison in form of sodium azide capsules. In the morning of 8thoctober 2000, she called the police and in formed them that her husband had a heart attack. On arrival of the paramedics, she turned them down. Later, she called reporting that she had been stabbed and she beat him in self-defence. When the paramedics arrived, Joe was dead from repeated beatings and had a stab wound on his neck.

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In this state, it is important to note the difference between an interview and an interrogation. In an interview, the person conducting the interview seeks to obtain general information. In an interrogation, the interviewer seeks to obtain specific information. In an interview, one does not have a rough idea of what he/she is looking for but in an interrogation, the interrogator has some information in mind and seeks confirmation. The environment in which an interview is conducted is comfortable but in an interrogation, the atmosphere is uncomfortable full of pressure and the interrogator has psychological advantage. In an interrogation, the interrogator ought to have psychological advantage, overpowering the suspect to be able to obtain all the relevant facts adequately in confession.

In the interrogation between Wendi and the prosecutor, the prosecutor had some clue on the events prevailing to the death of Joe Adriano. He had to give pressure to Wendi so that she could confess of killing her husband.

The interrogation was effective. Due to the pressure, Wendi was able to give a story of the prevailing events before the death of her husband. There were few obstacles in the interrogation. Often, Wendi had to let her feelings get into the way of her communication hindering effective communication as she felt she has communicated when she had communicated. Another obstacle was that she would talk too much in self-defence and at times would not listen.

Nonverbal communication is essential in an interview. Nonverbal communication creates an impression beyond the verbal element of communication. Nonverbal communication repeats and reinforces what one has said verbally. It also assists in managing the interactions among the participants thus ensuring there is effective communication among the participants. Wendi would often use non verbal communication to express her emotions beyond what she would have doe verbally. It also assists in conveying relational messages of affection, power dominance and respect.  She would also use eye contact to show she was confident. In many a times that she felt nervous, she avoided having nervous ticks as it would take away the strength of her answer. Wendi also used hand gestures to bring out her discontentment. When it seemed to be too much, she avoided and stayed cal so as not to appear intimidating.

For an interview to be effective there has to be effective communication between the interviewer and the one being interviewed. To obtain effective communication, one has to employ use of non-verbal signals successfully. Appropriate non-verbal signals gives room for effective communication. This facilitates the presence of an in-depth understanding of the message passed and correct interpretation of the message. Improving non-verbal communication involve employing active listening in the conversation. Monitoring the voice tone is also another method. This mainly involves recording oneself during a conversation. This will enable one determine whether the tone is undermining the ability to communicate effectively. Another method to employ is to match the posture, facial expression and gesture to the non-verbal behaviour of the person one is talking to. This implies that there is concentration in the conversation. Therefore, careful mirroring is the best non-verbal way to establish a rapport with another person.

In summary, we can say that effective communication through non-verbal techniques enhances the quality of a relationship with another person. Effective non-verbal communication allows one to read the emotions and feelings others cannot express verbally. It enhances the trust other have due to the transparency non-verbal signals create. Effective communication also demonstrates one’s interests in the topic under discussion.


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