Free Worker Safety Interview Essay Sample

The essay centers on an interview that was conducted by a student on an employee in the automotive industry, who is a victim of an occupational illness. An occupational illness refers to any strange disorder or health hazard that results from contact to aspects that are related to employment. The government of the United States through its department of labor has established an agency known as the Occupational Safety and Human Administration (OSHA). This is a federal agency that is mandated to implement safety and health legislation for employees in the workplace. The interview helped to shed light on the various activities carried out by this agency towards provision of safety for all type of employees in the United States.

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The most common occupational illness involves respiratory issues such as asthma, poisoning from chemicals like lead, mercury among others. OSHA outlines well structured policies that are aimed at safeguarding the rights of employees while working in vulnerable environments. First, the interview sought to establish the type of occupation that Salem had and the type of risks he was exposed to during his line of duty. He was a technician at a major motor vehicle assembling plant in the United States. While in his job, he was vulnerable to injuries resulting from faulty machines and other electrical appliances in the automobile factory.

The employee was repairing a car when a jack that had been fastened to support the vehicle snapped and broke his leg. The overlaying weight of the vehicle was exceedingly great and this caused his leg to fracture at the knee joint. After the victim was rushed to the hospital, his lower part of the right leg had to be amputated since the level of damage to the fibula bone was very much severe. The accident occurred on 9th September 2010 in the afternoon at the motor assembly workshop.

Following this incidence, the victim has not been able to report to work, as he is nursing his injuries. It is now five months since the accident occurred and therefore, the victim has been out of employment. Besides being physically incapacitated, the victim suffered from psychological, financial as well as social effects. Psychological effects can result due to a lowered self esteem. The man can no longer work with vigor as it was the case before the leg was amputated.  On the other hand, financial effects results since the person was reduced to begging and became dependent on other family members to provide daily bread. Furthermore, the victim will no longer be able to move around freely due to his amputated leg. He will have to use clutches, something that will minimize his mobility. It will also minimize his level of social interactions such as through playing games and other social activities.

Nevertheless, the victim managed to receive treatment in time and therefore, further harm on his health was controlled. He was also taken through various counseling sessions so that he could come in terms with what befell him. Most of the time, such victims undergo instances of trauma which can be very disheartening. However, when proper counseling is provided, the person is able to face life confidently. Treatment and counseling sessions ran concurrently and then after being discharged, the victim continued to get counseling on how to overcome traumatic incidences. This effort helped the victim a great deal in the healing process and overcoming trauma.

Following the accident, officials from Occupational Safety and Human Administration (OSHA) visited the scene of the incident and gave their recommendations. Consequently, the management of the motor vehicle assembly plant enacted various measures that will help to reduce occurrence of such incidences in the future. The employees were trained on how to keep safety measures in a motor vehicle workshop. It was recommended that the employees to continue receiving these trainings on a regular basis. Finally, all the measures that required immediate implementation for the safety of employees at the workplace were addressed.


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