Free Best Evidence Rule Essay Sample

1. The Best Evidence Rule

  1. The rule as best defined
  2. It ensures justice because the original evidence is used
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2. Implementation of the Best Evidence Rule into the U.S. system

  1. Unearthed hidden evidence for crucial cases
  2. Helped in wise judging

3. The Rationale behind the Best Evidence Rule application

  1. Fraud deterrence

- Original documents are less vulnerable to fraud

  1. Minimizing Misinterpretation of Writings

- Reduces any possibilities of a false impression of the original documents

4. Reviewed cases with regard to wiretapping

  1. Olmstead Vs. United States

-Federal agents secretly installed wiretaps in Olmstead’s office building and in the streets near his home base.

  1. Nardone Vs. United States

-It was hard realize which data was used for investigation because large information was randomly recorded for security alerts

  1. Goldman Vs. United States

It determined that the use of a detectaphone does not violate the Federal laws.

  1. Berger Vs. New York

-Mr. Berger is convicted with two counts of a plot to bribe

  1. Katz Vs. United States

-Katz sought the services of a public phone booth to transfer unauthorized betting wagers from Los Angeles other states.

5. Summary of wiretapping restrictions according to the reviewed cases

-Both cases have varied views on the legitimacy to employ the services of wiretapping in a court of law

6. Packaging and Preserving Wiretapped Evidence

            -It should be stored large or heavy equipments

7. Relation between Wiretapped Evidence and the “fruit of the poisonous tree” doctrine

            -They both rely on the original documents in making court judgments.


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