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Incarceration in the United States occurs more often than it does in any other developed nation. They claim that incarceration helps in reducing crime but the truth is that it raises the intensity of criminal acts. In this paper we analyze the approach where the conservatives came up with the idea that incarceration helps in obtaining a solution to the problems that the country faces. Its benefits or harm that the idea has on the American society is also analyzed. The research also looks at how the idea of putting people into jail came into existence. In this research also the effects of incarceration on socialization, shame feelings that children face as a result of their parents being put in prison. The issue of how the rate of imprisonment of individuals has also been looked into.  

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The time of existence of incarceration is dated back to the end of the 20th century. Prisoners in America were the highest population. They were used to define the American culture. The most booming industry in America therefore was putting up and running prisons. They were highly supported by the judiciary whose aim was to ensure that they are always full. Throughout history the number of prisoners in America has been increasing in a very high rate. In one city it has been found out that the number of prisoners at one time has increased up to about 70000 at the same time. Incarceration has been linked directly with the political ideologies .both the conservatives and the liberals suggested various forms of punishments. There was great support for the solution offered to imprison all those involved in criminal acts. They backed such initiatives as those focused on preventing children from engaging in criminal acts and giving permit to those who want to handle an issue.

United States has turned out to be the leader when the rates of incarceration are taken into consideration. The increasing number of jails being put up in America has not resulted from the change in crime rates in the country. Racism plays a major role in the search for inmates. The highest number of inmates in America is the black men. It has been therefore a topic of great discussions whether the black people who are Africans are highly exposed to danger as compared to their American counterparts. The prisoners in the country are seen to be beneficial to the society. People fight to have more inmates as to them they will be able to benefit from the state's funding.

Literature review

The report of the 'get tough' movement shows that their main aim in the nation, led to increase in the rates of incarceration. Their initiative was to look into the idea of sending more criminals to jail on daily basis and ensure that they stay there for longer periods of time. The budget allocated for this exercise rose up to $60 billion every year.

According to Ronald Reagan's legacy which put forward the fight against drugs in the country shows that incarceration was going to continue as long as the state laws were in operation as indicated by Pattillo, et al.

The results from the nationwide survey indicates that the higher the rates of paternal imprisonment the lower the educational achievement of children. This trend has been there in almost all ethnic groups. It is therefore seen that parental incarceration is what makes some individuals to be considered as social outcasts. With the information about imprisonment in Texas it is indicated that though these people are imprisoned most of them have hope of being released and getting the opportunity to be with their families once more.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the rate of people engaging in crime dropped by 25% in the year 2007which to them is significant. To them though the number of prisoners has to be reduced, a lot of care has to be taken over who should be released since all those in prison have committed serious criminal offences. The rand corporation has carried out the study in California to establish both the social and economic costs of incarceration. The progressive's have been filled with fear when they look at the social cost of imprisonment as it had made a large group of people to be considered as outcasts in the community. Economically the government spends about $20000 for every person in jail. Hence the cost of running jails has eaten deeply into the nation's income. The entire world population has held various campaigns to decline this resolution of imprisonment for examples the environmental programs, and the statewide teachers union. There efforts were frustrated by the group of prison guards who due the their greed for money saw the increase of prisons as a road to their success as it will lead to creation of employment opportunities and increase in their salaries.

According to US census reports the prisoners are counted as inhabitants of the towns that they have been imprisoned in and not residents of their villages. During the time of dispatch of governments funding, the amount meant for the anti-poverty program is given mainly to the part that has the highest population of needy individuals.

The policies in the United States have played a major role in increasing the rates of incarceration. The government backs up fully the idea of putting individuals in jail and to them the more the number of inmates the higher the amount the movement dealing with the issues receives. There have been establishments of various foundations that aim at providing support to the families of those who have been imprisoned. The supports they offer include facilitating the reunion of these families and educating their children.

The number of individuals who are in prison is not likely to reduce in the United States. This is due to the fact that the government fear releasing the criminals and ending up increasing the crime rates in the country. Hence those who have been imprisoned have no hope of being released but the entire community may have a choice to live a worthwhile lifestyle and avoid incarceration. The government should therefore carry out an education exercise to create awareness to the entire on the consequences of criminal acts and state clear their consequences.

The idea of incarceration has received various responses from the public. Some support it as it is beneficial to them while others view it as deprivation on the government's resources. For example the groups of prisoners view it as an opportunity for employment while other sectors see it as harmful to their well being. Prisoners have been used as the community's source of income. Since the higher the number of prisoners in an area the greater the likelihood of the area receiving the antipoverty funding from the government. The main reason why prison has been seen as an industry and every individual is aiming at putting up one is because it increases the number of needy individuals in a place and increases the likelihood of receiving government assistance.

Incarceration of criminals in the American society has not been beneficial. It has heightened the idea of racism as those who are imprisoned show that the white are favored as compared to the African people. It also brings to existence the issue of gender imbalance, this is seen from the fact that most of the individuals who are in prison are men and few if any are women. The main aim of incarceration is not bringing change in behavior but it is focused on benefiting from the states funding. It is therefore found out that people put up jails for their own benefit and those who are taken to prison might not have committed serious criminal acts.


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