Free Nature of the Judicial Process Essay Sample

All service providers in the pre-trial diversion departments are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethics as well as professional behavior. They are expected to avoid any appearance of improper behavior either when a student, at work or even in personal life. One should always carry himself or herself according to the expected standards of professional community to which they belong.

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As for the case presented, first of all, I will call the two providers that have formed an alliance and are behaving unprofessionally aside and remind them about the ethics of their profession. I will make them understand that conflicts can always be solved later in the day after work, but not in front of clients. If they ignore my advice and consider it useless, which may be due to my age or lack of enough experience of the work, then I will be forced to talk to the supervisor in charge or anybody of the higher rank whom they can listen to and take him seriously. I will ask him to talk to them over the same, and tell them to correct me as well as in case of mistakes, but ethically and not in front of my clients, as they will loose trust in me. My preference to talk to them first is because going straight to the supervisor can make them get punished or they can even lose their jobs over this little issue that can be solved among ourselves if they are wise. I will not prefer to work in an environment of hatred from my colleagues in future, even if I did not follow the right procedure of solving conflicts.

Maybe some students would prefer discussing the matter at once with the authority, but I do not think this is a wise decision, because these service providers behaving unprofessionally could have been overcome with emotions to behave that way. So if they happen to be suspended from their jobs or be punished over the same, they will always blame you for their problems and this will create enmity and grudges in the work place. Discussing the matter with the supervisor should come as the last option, if the unprofessional service providers have given deaf ears to their juniors’ advices (mine, in this case).

I will prefer using the accommodation approach which calls for patience of one party to enable the other party to cool down and sit to negotiate. This approach requires maximum co-operation as well as professional behavior. I will put my pride aside so as to meet the needs of the service providers. I will ask them to tell the truth why they are behaving that way towards me and in the presence of my client. In the course of discussion, peace should prevail to ensure favorable atmosphere that will support the solving of the problem. In case they tell me that I was not doing my job properly, I will listen to what they expected of me and ask them politely to do it in a more professional way next time.

It will be wise to discuss the issue with the client, because he is already aware of the unethical behavior in the pre-trial room. I will try to explain that these behaviors do happen in any work place, but there is nothing to worry about. In this way, I will bring back his focus, clear his conscience and answer his unanswered questions to enable smooth running of the business in the house as before. If you do not address this matter with your client, he may despise you and consider you to be unfit for the job, because the negative perception has come from your colleagues.


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