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Property Crime, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting Program, refers to offenses such as larceny-theft, burglary, shoplifting, vandalism, arson and motor vehicle theft. In such offenses, property or money is taken from the victims without any threat of force. Arson is included in the property crime, since it comprises of property destruction and victims of arson are sometimes subjected to force.

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The Magnitude of Property Crime and its Consequences on Victims

In the year 2009, Property Crime offenses were estimated to be 9,320, 971 in the United States of America. The rate of crime in the nation was therefore estimated to be 3,036 per one hundred thousand inhabitants. Larceny theft was known to account for 67.9% of all the property crimes that were reported in 2009, while burglary and motor vehicle theft accounted for 23.6% and 8.5 % respectively. Losses arising from property crime in the year were estimated to have hit 15.2 billion dollars. 

Property crime has various effects and consequences on the victims. For instance, privacy of the victims is violated and, thus, they become scared of living in their burglarized residents, become scared of working in places where the crime happened. The victims can also suffer from emotional, financial and physical effects as a result of the property crime. In addition, the victims are forced to incur additional costs arising from replacement of the stolen personal items, repairing of broken windows or doors, insurance costs, insurance paper works and legal fees as they attempt to restore everything back to normal.

Program Aimed at Reducing Property Crime

The sport and physical activity program are the positive byproducts that will be used in order to reduce incidences of property crimes and create a beneficial effect, aimed at helping young people avoid crime. This program will take place at all recreational facilities and centers frequented by young people with an aim of helping the young people participate and learn new skills. By so doing, a sense of belonging will be created in order to reduce vandalism and help the youth develop pro-social behaviors.

Program Goals and Implementation

The sport and activity program is aimed at acting as catalysts for traditional and social cohesion in order help the youth avoid harmful behaviors, such as heavy drinking, petrol sniffing and violence, which are responsible for causing property crimes in some cases. The use of sports and physical activity programs will ensure that the youths reach out to their communities and, thus, encourage positive behavior among them. This will explicitly and implicitly aid in crime prevention outcomes and programs. This is because sport and physical activity programmes, when carefully planned can greatly reduce and prevent property crime in the country. 

In order to reduce property crimes in the country, sport and physical activity programmes will be used in combination with other interventions to reduce the occurrence of such crimes through provision of appropriate and accessible activities in a social context that is supportive. The program will also be effective in helping victims because the sport and activity program will be positively connected within the social fabric of communities and groups, thus, ensuring that the whole community is integrated positively.  

To assure that the sport and physical activity programmes assist the victims and the offenders as well, such programmes should become subjected to rigorous evaluation. This program will be effective in assisting both the victims and the offenders, because it will help in imparting moral education and greatly help in character building. Judging from the fact that young people are known to be the most common offenders in property crimes, the establishment of the sports and physical activity program does not only provide fantasy or plain fun, but also enables such offenders to escape from the daily realities of homelessness, family conflict, or temptations in abusing drugs such as bhang, alcohol and inhaling of petrol.  

Sports and physical activity programs, apart from improving the quality of life will have both short and long-term benefits. Immediate outcomes will arise in that the police and communities will witness a reduction in property crimes such as shoplifting, motor vehicle theft and others, because of the duration of the sporting activities. However, the creation and establishment of the sports and physical activity program is prone to facing some challenges, which must be overcome. Among some of the challenges is the failure of the victims to forgive the offenders, whom they may meet in sporting and physical activity programs and lack of financial abilities to run such programs. Truth, justice and reconciliation should therefore be conducted among the participants in order to ensure that both the offenders and the victims co-exist peacefully in the society. Funds should also be availed to ensure that such programs run on full time basis.

To make the sporting and physical activity program successful and effective, then qualified personnel should be employed or hired. Among the personnel to be hired, there are sports educators and facilitators, who will be tasked with designing and implementing various sports programs meant to address the needs of the audience. Other relevant employees that should be hired are educators specialized in truth, justice and reconciliation, which can provide support among the offenders and victims of property crime, who will definitely meet in some sporting and physical activity events. To ensure that the program runs effectively and does not stall on the way during its intended lifespan, funding should be sought from all concerned stakeholders, for instance the Police Department, the State and victims of property crime, who want to cause a change through reforming the offenders. The time frame of the program will be unlimited, because the nature of property crime is continuous and, thus, ensuring that such a program will work until such crimes are reduced or abolished in totality.

In conclusion, all stakeholders should join hands to ensure that the rate of property crime is reduced. This will safeguard that the people exist peacefully with no fear of losing their property. Awareness programs regarding the negative effects of property crimes should be conducted in societies as this will reform the offenders and discourage anyone to be an offender. 


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