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Prison rehabilitation is a way of giving new life to offenders through providing training or education programs. It is defined as a process through which programs are carried out with an aim of creating reformation to criminals. Rehabilitation programs help in reducing the crimes committed by criminals for several times and they help them to begin a new life without involving in criminal activities. Additionally, those programs help in reducing overcrowding in prisons as well as reducing expenses of maintaining the prisoners. The proper prison rehabilitation programs do not only help criminals but also the society at large.

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Prison rehabilitation positively affects prisons and the general society in different ways. One of the ways is that through rehabilitation programs, the prisoners may change their bad behavior and live a new life. Another way is that it will reform the criminals, especially faith based programs thus will make the prisoners become socially accepted in the society. Prison rehabilitation will also help the society to live in harmony with the prisoners who have been released. Moreover, it will help the society to accept them back to the community and avoid living under fear. This is because criminals are always considered as a threat to the society, hence rehabilitation may help them to change their bad behaviors.

The following are some of the recommendations that I will make in improving the prisoner’s rehabilitation. First, need assessment in order to identify the needs of the offenders; this is essential because it will enable rehabilitators to categorize the obligatory intercession programs that will meet the requirements of the prisoners. The second one is emphasizing on basic achievements of employability. The needs and wishes of prisoners should be emphasized, thus the rehabilitation programs should aim at providing prisoners with employment opportunities. This is essential because it would help them to get financial support when they get out of prison. This will help in reducing chances of committing crimes such as robbery in order to secure themselves. The last one is providing vocational programs that should recognize prisoners’ skills thus increasing their employment prospects.

A parole is defined as the conditional release through which a convict is set free after serving his or her term in the prison. Most paroles are provided to the individuals who has never been involved in crime but they are still considered as prisoners. Therefore, they should abide to the prison codes or laws and regulations of the prison. The paroles are regulated depending on particular laws of the state.  They are granted through following the past criminal records of the prisoners.

The parole differs from mandatory release in some aspects. First, the parole is a conditional release whereas mandatory release is an obligatory release. This means that for the parole, an individual would be released after serving his prison term and the mandatory release takes place when a need arises in case the criminal was wrongly convicted. Secondly, the parole release takes place when the parole board decides that the prisoner has made sufficient progress. However, the mandatory takes place before the prisoners completes his or her prison sentence term because of good behavior. Lastly, the parole is an earlier release but one should continue serving as a prisoner and continue meeting the requirements of the prison. However, in the mandatory release, a prisoner is set free and discontinues from serving the prison.

A parole can become an obstacle in preventing deviant behaviors, thus there is a better solution to the current parole process.  This is through carrying out regular assessment, and developing structured guidelines that can respond to technical violations of parole. It is vital to change the current parole process because many of the criminals under the parole keep on committing crimes in the society while still serving their parole term. Hence, the system should be assessed in order to determine the continuance or discontinuance of parole system operating in the current society.

Probation is defined as the system through which a prisoner is allowed to serve the prison while living in the society. It plainly means testing the behaviors of a prisoner in a community. The judges make the final judgment and the prisoner is allowed to live in the community while still considered as inmate but under strict supervision. The criminal under probation should follow the required conditions which the court sets. In case the offender violates the probation term he or she is imprisoned by the probation officer.

The probation can be compared with other forms of sentencing such as parole, restitution and other prison sentences. For instance, probation can be compared with suspended sentences in various ways. First, in the suspended sentences, the judge may decide to suspend in the first place but after that the judge may decide to provide probation to the defendant. This is similar to the probation whereby the judgment may decide if the offender can be put under probation or not. Moreover, most states impose the condition under which the suspended and probation should be given or not. This is because of varied court laws governing a state.  In the case of community service, the offender may be allowed to work for unpaid community services and the same time may receive some extra punishments. This is similar to the probation whereby the defendant may be allowed to work in community from the purpose of testing his behaviors in the society. However, these sentences sometimes vary with the approbation depending on the decision made by the court juries.

There is no better and clear solution to the current probation system. This is because many states such as the United States have struggled to keep the public safe. However, most of the offenders put on probation keep on violating the laws, and there is no clear solutions have been provided.  The state of probation in the U.S found out that many offenders put on the probation violate the release conditions. However, the state should create and monitor the management behaviors of the offenders regularly.

Community corrections are the non-prison authorization and punishments imposed on the non violent criminals. They are carried out through court cases instead of the prison sentence, parole or probation following release from jail. They are the programs which are usually operated by probation or parole officers and these services include community supervision, work release and other community programs. The community corrections may affect the society in which it is practiced. This is through becoming viable to the youths and they may deter further illegal activities. Thus, they make reform and shape the characters of the offenders in such a way preventing them from engaging in crimes.

The assumption that I can make about the community is a correction that will help in many ways. This is because it will make law breakers to fear committing crimes. Moreover, the punishments given to the criminals may act as an example to other who may break the law. Hence, it will make criminals to fear breaking laws due to fear of being given punishments. Therefore, the community corrections should be structured in a way that would meet the correctional goals. The overall effectiveness of the community correctional systems is that it may instill discipline and create reformation in the society. This is vital because it will reduce crimes in the society, thus making the society safer through reducing the incidence of crimes. 


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