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Not all police officers who commit crimes boast of such creditable reason of safeguarding the status of the disciplined forces. Some of them are after their own purposes best known to them. Just like any other human beings, police officers at times get into crimes because they are addicted to it. Some officers are criminals because they take crime as an opportunity just like other individuals. However, robbing a drug dealer does not justify a police officer's criminal activity. Officers who are criminals not only aim at drug vendors but at times they target profitable businesses such as those in the transport industry. Some even go to the extent of stealing from their colleagues.

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Recent report from a study on police officers detained annually shows that hundreds of them are committing crimes although no certified information or statistics are in record on this is documented. Officers tend to have an idea that their jobs obviously favor them beside witnesses who defame them in courts and individual targets to criminalize them when they give evidence.

The reason why police officers are inclined to commit criminal offences is that they wield so much power and are almost at liberty to misuse it. Just like other human beings, they regularly find their own wellbeing under threat. Police officers also have the same shortcoming, fears and falsehood just like any other individual. Studies show that police officers commit crime because of the work ethics. In their lines of duty, officers act ethically which in essence is comprised of fineness, evilness and honesty in duty.  Some police officers go into into crime not because it is their choice but when the entire police rank or system is corrupt. Senior officers tend to force the junior officers to commit or cover up some criminal activities. Also being in constant possession of guns, they tend to liaise with criminal gangs to rob and even intimidate members of the public. Being under paid, officers often try to supplement their earnings through some outlawed activities.

Like a normal being, police officers have social issues. Many of them are convicted of rape cases. This may come about because of manhandling their female detainees and thus end up sexually harassing them. Others even resort bullying, owing to their training or even initial behavior they had before joining the forces. Some were even criminals and are used to criminal activities. Now that they are in the most protected and privileged status, they tend to augment their outlawed activities.

Police officers have been known to act with some sort of impunity. Like in the case of an American officer who was released from jail after only 6 days. He was initially charged of immoral assault of a woman aged 57 years. The woman happened to have quarreled with her partner the previous night and headed out to her daughter's house in her car. But she felt sleepy on the way, pulled over and slept in the car overnight. In the morning she found out that she had a flat battery and could not drive. It came into the attention of the police officers on patrol. They mistook her to have been drunk driving. According to them, they asked her for alcohol breath test to which she declined. She was later to testify that she was straightforwardly handcuffed and remanded. On reaching the police station she met another officer who was on duty. She demanded to know why she was arrested. She got no answer and instead put in the cell. Later on she tried to escape but got herself in hands of the brutal officer in charge.

 The events that ensued were captured in a CCTV camera and aired on national news. The officer was sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty for assault. But he was later to be released in less than a week on bail to plead at a trial in a secret place. Having been a public case, the police force had no other choice but to release him from the force. But now he is back to the police as a fully paid officer. If the case was not reported by a fellow police officer the case could not have been heard or the offending officer tried.

That was just exclusion not a regulation. Officers causing assaults, even in other cases causing death, often go scot free and stay put in duty. This often encourages them to commit more serious and severe crimes knowing that they will not be convicted. In trying to obtain evidence from suspects, police officers may end up using crude means which may injure the suspects and cause death.

According to a study, people get into crime because of an element of egocentric wishing to obtain something without working for it. They selfishly wish to take a chance of the opportunities to maximize their interests and exploit their abilities. This fully explains why officers exploit their talent of handling and working with criminals. Personal choices of a police officer may take over collective responsibility of the police force.

Police officers are not hesitant to think economically or financially. So they tend weigh risks and the price of choosing certain actions. At the tightest state of affairs, officers weigh the reality of pain and pleasure. If pleasure favors them then they act accordingly. Police officers often use state authority to carry out sexual crimes. They often demand sexual favors from female arrestees and prostitutes in exchange for release. This happens by intimidating women with arrest if they did not comply with their request. In some cases, officers tend to demand sex in exchange for freedom especially when they arrest drunken female offenders. One incident occurred when a police officer approached two prostitutes and negotiated for them to give him oral sex when he was on job. The two women did not know that he was a police officer. He later appeared in a police uniform and forced them to have sex with him without him paying for the service. The women, being afraid of the officer, had to give up. He was later to be charged counts of prostitution and not rape. But in this case he was supposed to be charged with two counts of rape and sexual harassment. This shows the privileged treatment that officers who carry out heinous crimes get from the judiciary.

In conclusion, police officers become criminals not by choice but because they are forced by circumstances while others were criminals before joining the force. Officers also at times collude with criminals to commit crimes like violently robbing with guns and in murder cases to cover up crimes. More often than not, they have close relationships with criminals as they have direct contact with them. This happens as a result of their poor working conditions and the risks involved in the line of duty.

People commit crimes on inclination, out of fury or stress and police officers are no exception. Peer influence from fellow officers, drugs and alcohols are the main causes of crime. Easy access to guns is the main reason that an officer would want to rob or steal. A person without a gun would think twice before acting. Approximately all crimes which are ignored concealed or disregarded because the culprits belong to a respected gang in the name police officers. Trials in such cases rarely go to the end. This is in essence why police officers commit crimes.


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