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It is useful by The Supreme Court agreeing that the state prisons must accommodate the beliefs of witches, Satanists and other followers of the mainstream religions. It is unfair that a portion of inmates are treated as a special class because of their religious beliefs while other are left out simply because they do not belong to the main stream religions. The prison officials must accommodate the religious faith of any sincere follower no matter how odd the court finds it. It is therefore unethical to grant freedom to prisoners to do whatever they want because of there religious faith without taking into account non-mainstream religions.

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If the court rules in favor of the religious prisoners the supporters warned it would lead to religious discrimination in other institutions like the military units, schools, government offices and social services who would like to be granted favor because of their religious background. The question of whether the prisoners operated together as an incentive to proclaim a usual faith lessens the burden of their incarceration because it portrays a real incentive for a religion. All beliefs accommodated cannot be perceived as benefits because they apply to a few while others involve themselves just to relax from their busy schedule hence making it difficult to identify the sincere followers who observe their religious acts. In other court prisoners of the main stream religion are protected and they are not forced to practices they do not believe in.

Since there are many religious groups which share different beliefs and practices there should be a clear cut between the state rulings and religious expressions to form a distinctive boundary between the two and serve justice equally to all the prisoners?

I would not extend any favors to the convicted Iraq prisoners in the U.S for fair and equal treatment to all prisoners despite their religious background. Extending special favors to the prisoners of war will make the other prisoners feel left out and deprived of there rights. Equality plays a major role in ensuring that justice is served.


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