Free The U.S Supreme Courts Essay Sample

The supreme court of the United States is the most powerful court in the United States. It is headed by the Chief Justice together with other Associate judges. It mainly known for, practicing appellate jurisdiction though it has original jurisdiction in particular types of cases. The decisions that are made in this court are of utmost importance as factors that shape the relationship between different levels of government. There are different cases that have in the past been ruled in this court and are a clear indication of the importance of these rulings.

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For instance, the Carey v. Musladin, a U.S. Supreme Court Case and Kelo v. London, A U.S. Supreme Court Case. In the first case, Mathew Musladin had been charged with the murder of Tom Studer. On the day of his trial, Studer’s close relatives wore buttons that had pictures of the deceased. The defense attorney, Musladin attorney, requested the judge to order that the deceased’s family should take off the buttons as it was prejudicial on the defense’s side. However, the judge denied the motion. It was then that Musladin appealed to an appellate court but it affirmed the trial court. He then petitioned on the basis of habeas corpus in a District Court but the petition was denied. Eventually, it was in the Ninth Circuit Court that the decision of the appellate court was reversed and sent back to the appellate court. Based on the fact that the Supreme Court was ‘unreasonable’, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that the trial judge should have recognized the buttons as being prejudicial to the defense. This also based on some precedents of the Supreme Court and the Ninth’s Circuit Court own precedence.

In the second case, New London, a city in Connecticut, used its authority to take over private property and sell it to private investors. The city argument was that through the establishment of the development program, there would be creation of jobs and an increase in government revenues. Kelo Sussette and the others whose land had been taken over sued the New London city. They argued that the city’s actions were against the Fifth’s amendment takings clause which clearly indicated that the government would not seize any private property without due compensation. They were also angered by the fact that the city was seizing the land to sell to private developers and not therefore not for public use. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in favor of New London.

This ruling was based on the fact that taking the land and selling it to private investors met the qualifications as being for public use. This is because of the existent of the development plan. As stipulated in the Fifth amendments takings, public did not necessarily have to be literal but the natural interpretation of being for public purpose. In a bench of nine panel judges, five were for while four were against these views.

From the above analysis, it is a clear indication that the rulings that are passed in the Supreme Courts are significant in the upholding of the relationships between the different levels of government. They work hand in hand in ensuring that their roles do not collide but rather that they are compatible. In case two for example, the ruling that was passed was very crucial because it enhanced the relationship between the public and the authorities.

Therefore, the judicial courts are the highest courts in the United States in the judicial; this means that the chief justice and the associate justice of the United States are appointed by the president to cater for the advice and consistence of the senator.


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