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Age discrimination is the act of, making a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing based on the age of that person. This is an issue that in the past has greatly affected persons especially those of the older age. Most employers tend to set age limits and preferences for their prospective employees. This tends to favor a certain group of persons while putting all the others at a disadvantage. In order to stop this vise the government enacted a law. This is the age discrimination in employment act of 1967. Many companies' nowadays comply with this law there by giving equal opportunities   to all future employees. One such company is McCormick & Company.

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McCormick & Company is one of the most successful companies in America. This is clearly ilustrrated by the fact that it was rated at position seventy two among the best companies to work for in the year 2010. It is also a very  old company  more than a hundred years old. The main trade  that this company engages in sales.its main products are spices flavorings and seasonings. This company employs 7500 workers all over  the  world   with a job growth rate at 2%.This company operates a number of divisions which includes McCormick Consumer Products,  McCormick Food Service,  McCormick Flavors,  McCormick Foods Australia,  Schwartz Herbs and Spices  in the United Kingdom, SupHerb Farms and tube products. The company's vision is to be the leading global supplier of value-added flavor solutions by building on strong brands and innovative products, and to provide superior quality and service to customers and consumers around the world which clearly shows the company's main focus. The company's diversity mission statement is that by being diverse the company is able to make better business worldwide. This company has a system of professional development for its employees, called Multiple Management which gives them the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the business while developing their own career skills. (McCormick, 1999)

Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was an act enacted in 1967 by the United States congress. Its main aim was to deal with the ever rising problems where older workers were disadvantaged in retaining or regaining employment. This was because many employers were setting age limits when employing. This led to deterioration in their skills due to long periods of unemployment which ended up affecting   commerce and industry. Congress decided to help promote employment of older persons based on merit but not age. They decided to undertake a research concerning the needs abilities and potential of the older workers. The information from this research was to be provided to employers. This also helped in the enactment of this law. This law contained mostly of a number of bans on various issues that employees above the age of forty were encountering. This bans were on age discrimination during hiring, giving promotions, wages, and when laying-off employees. It also prohibited publication of advertisements that had limitations or preferences in matters of ensured that older workers were not denied their benefits. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was the government body that was responsible for the enforcement of these laws. (eeocgov, 2005)

At McCormick & Company there is strict adherence to the age discrimination in employment act. As is stated clearly in its business ethics policy "The Company values the contributions that each employee makes and is committed to treating every employee with dignity and respect. This includes preserving the confidentiality of employee records in compliance with applicable law and refraining from unwarranted intrusions into employees' privacy." (McCormick, 1999). Non discrimination is also shown by their job advertisement where in no case have they set any age limits or preference and thereby ensuring equality. Their employees get equal pay rise based on merit they also enjoy good benefit plan that includes both traditional offerings and other less common benefits that supports a secure work/life balance. The company offers bonuses not based on age but on contribution to the company's success.

Some of the main employer's actions that are likely to be affected by age discrimination    the promotion and the lay off processes. During the promotion process older employees who have spent a long time with a company may be more preferred to the younger employees this is based on experience rather than merit. On the other hand older employees are more likely to be dismissed from work   compared to younger workers who are seen as valuable assets who can work fro a longer period for the company. Employers can avoid age discrimination at the work place by    developing a no-tolerance policy in regard to discrimination and ensuring that all the employees comply with it. They should also provide a means for employees to voice or file their complaints in cases of discrimination. Employers also need to familiarize themselves with all protected groups covered by anti discrimination laws so as to avoid it. (ehow, 2010)

Over time many companies like McCormick & company have tried to avoid unfair treatment of any kind to its employees. Age discrimination is now considered a thing of the past. New laws have been passed by the government and the judicial department has helped in implementation of this laws. The law that has helped stop this vise is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act due to the strict penalties that are contained in it. Employers have also responded by compliance with this law and as such more old workers above the age of forty are treated equally, given a fair opportunity in employment, have better working conditions and are entitled to their rightful benefits.


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