Free Articles of Confederation Essay Sample

As described by Peter (2009), the Articles of Confederation was the pillar that helped guide the national government of United States of America as it was the first constitution to be developed.  The laws presented in this document were used to govern the nations for quite a long period.  However, they have been slightly modified with time because a committee was first appointed to draft the constitution in 1776 and after the process it has been in use since 1777.  The methods and rules that were applied on the constitution were quite traditional and with the ever evolving world some adjustments had to be made.  The Articles of Confederation started loosing its unifying factor and this lead to the implementation of a new constitution. Therefore, this paper will focus on the importance of replacing the Articles of confederation with the new constitution.

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Considering the fact that the United States of America is made up of many states, then they should be united at all times.  The Articles of Confederation had been very effective in maintaining this but there have been many changes over the past years.  However, the Articles have not been able to maintain the same unity among the people as before.  With times changing and the world evolving, the people want a more modern constitution to govern them.  The states were being governed weakly and the unity that existed before was quite lacking as well.  The government needs to be firm and portray authority over the people but this appeared to be absent before the new constitution was implemented.

Unifying of the states was also a major contributor as to why the ne w constitution was implemented.  The main reason why there appeared not be unity among the people from different state is because of authority.  Some states felt they could exercise authority over others since geographically they ranked higher.  This struggle for power led to people being divided among themselves and instead of looking at the situation as a whole nature, they were looking at it from a states approach.  Struggle for power was not helping build the people but rather divide them. Thus, the new constitution aims to exercise equality among all states despite of geographic measures and this provides equal opportunities for everyone involved.

The nation needed to gain control of all the transactions going on in the country hence the implementation of the new constitution.  As mentioned earlier, the changing times led to many adjustments in the constitution but they were not enough o ensure total governance of the people.  The interaction with foreign countries has been quite constant and the Articles of Confederation did not quite address this matter to the fullest. 

Foreign affairs issues have been triggered by the emergence of globalization over the years and the nation was slowly losing control of this.  With the new constitution in place, the government is going to be able to exercise full authority over the nation as well as interact at a neutral level with the rest of the foreign countries.  This is an important aspect as it will improve the relations that the country has with other nations, this is bound to benefit the government and the citizens as well.

In general, as much as the Articles of Confederation had served the nation for quite a long time, it was very important to implement a new constitution.  This is attributed to the changing times and the growing interest of the people.  The new constitution implemented, makes sure that it addresses all the current and future issues.  It is bound to benefit the government as well as the citizens.


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