Free Debating Impact of Health Care Reform Law Essay Sample

The Health Care Reform Law has received mixed reaction from the public since it was signed into law a year ago. Two guests, Gregory Knoll and Ron Nehring were invited to a debate moderated by Maureen Cavanaugh to evaluate the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Knoll is the executive director in charge of the consumer center for health education and advocacy while Nehring is the chairman emeritus of the California Republican Party.

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Gregogary Knolls believes that the health care reform law is one of the best pieces of legislation passed in recent times and the benefits are felt by most Americans regardless of income or age. Knolls singles out several qualities to support her claim and it is clear that her position is informed by careful consideration of the benefits many find within this law. These include solving abuses traditionally common with insurance companies, covering young adults within their parent’s scheme, non discrimination rules against children with known conditions, coverage for millions of poor Americas who couldn’t affordable health insurance and removal of deductibles and copayments in some instances which is highly beneficial to seniors.

Nehring on the other hand believes that though there are few good provisions in the act, the larger part of the bill is costly and short term achievements will turn into long term costs and to the taxpayer. He singles out the introduction of more taxes which are attached to the bill as one of the negative attributes of this legislation. He also terms it as unnecessary the enactment of this bill since the issues he believes are important could have been imposed by other means. He has also suggested that Americans are not welcome to the notion that the DMV people have gained a considerable say in the conduct of hospitals. Lastly he feels that the right way to improve healthcare is not to increase government involvement but rather to reform and empower health insurance companies to offer better and more accessible products. 


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