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It is critical that every person realizes how unfair, unethical and unconstitutional the anti immigration laws are, theses laws can only be described as fascist attacks on Immigrants. The new Arizona laws, which are to be enforced at the start of August, are perfect examples of why we do not need anti-immigration laws in Arizona, nor anywhere else in United States. These laws require immigrants to prove their immigration status by carrying their documents of registration at all times and permits the police to probe the status of residency of citizens.(Aviva 2007) They also affect businesses that employ immigrant workers.

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These laws enhance and encourage racial profiling causing an antagonistic living environment to Hispanics as well as other legal immigrants in Arizona. Anti immigrant laws put pressure on law enforcers to implement rules which are simply "unenforceable" while leaving the public less secure because people (especially the immigrants) become more unwilling to report crime.

Anti immigrant laws are capable of causing abuse of the rights and freedoms of innocent American people as well as foreigners who are legally within the country, subjecting them to possible questioning based on how they sound or their physical appearance.(rated 5.0 by 0 people)

 The argument that anti immigrant laws protects job opportunities for American is impractical. Immigrants do not "steal jobs opportunities" from natives, on the contrary, most of the work being done by immigrants are low paying and most natives opt not to take them, thus increasing labor demand which in turn cause the overall industry costs to raise forcing it to be outsourced to immigrants.

Proponents of anti immigrant law are of the opinion that immigrants are a burden to the economic. This argument is false and the opposite seems to be the true: There is a direct correlation between immigration and advancement in economic environment.

Arizona's anti-immigration law can only be perceived as a radical leap beyond the unbearable position which immigrants (who don’t have proper documents) face in this country. This law outlaws and demonizes immigrants from Latin America as well as Mexico and should be removed.

This law permits the police to request evidence of legal residency from any person they arrest or detain if they believe that the suspect is an illegal immigrant. This means that many legal inhabitants are going to be interrogated by law enforcement agents on the basis that they "fit the description" i.e. if a person has an accent or is dark-skinned or even dresses in a particular style or resides parts of town known to harbor many immigrant, this further shows us that anti immigration law should be scrapped off.(Aristide 2006) Let’s consider a situation where you are an illegal immigrant. You have a family and you're to bringing back your kids from school. You understand that if a patrol car stops you, they can demand for your identification papers which you lack. Anti Immigration law stipulate that if can’t prove your legal status you will be locked in a detention area and deported, and chances of getting back into the US are almost impossible. These laws fail to consider the fate of your children after your detained. This clearly illustrates why anti immigration laws ought to be abolished.

Anti- immigration laws in Arizona are known to be the harshest and most insensitive. Arizona is the first state in America to consider it a crime for an immigrant to be an undocumented. This is very disappointing especially in a country which claims to be the land of opportunities. I believe this unconstitutional legislation serve no legitimate purpose but have been passed for political purposes and elections.

Congress ought to endorse immigration restructuring, because without a federal intervention and police departments could also end up with lawsuits cased by enforcement of anti immigration law because many citizens will see the law as criminalizing citizens who seem to be Latino as well as enhance prosecution, racial profiling and intimidation in the state.

Anti immigration law also has demoralizing effect on undocumented students in the United States even though they entered the country at a very young age; this law blocks the right to citizenship for collage and high school students who have already graduated.(Juan 2008) This further shows us that there is no need for this law.

In conclusion, at least twelve million people in the USA are presently living in the shadows because of anti immigration laws. These people have no rights, get paid low wages and frequently get cheated by their employers.(Miguel 2008) These laws make medical care out of reach for all undocumented immigrants causing children, mothers and fathers to wait for days to get treatment at county hospitals.

The right against irrational seizures and searches is purportedly assured to all individuals by the Constitution, yet anti immigration law has shredded this right in recent times while claiming to be preventing immigrants from staying in the country. Nowadays in Arizona, this right doesn’t seem to apply to immigrants. Hopefully congress will realize that immigration is what makes America strong and abolish anti immigration law. 


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