Free Importance of the US Constitution Essay Sample

In reference to Berkin, the United States of America Constitution was approved authoritatively in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787. This outstanding Constitutional Convention's decision has survived through 27 amendments since then. The Bill of Rights happens to be an integral part of the constitution, in relation to the draft's first ten amendments. The constitution, normally referred to as the draft, is real the refined version of the Article of confederation as well as the Perpetual Union. It was initially endorsed by nine states only, while the final draft of the constitution was engaged by Jacob Shallus. This draft is still displayed at the country's national archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

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In reference to Joseph (1987), the United States foundation and government's democratic system is rooted in the country's constitution and the Bill of Right's Principles. Specifically, he explains that, without these principles the country would not have become a democratic, in fact it would have became a fascist, communist, despotic or tyrannical form of government. In this regard, the importance of the American constitution is demonstrated through the rule of law which acts as the basis of freedom. It defines the limits on rights and freedom which the government can hamper with or infringe.

Boride points out that the United States American constitution defines the framework of law and order. It addresses matters such as integration of the several states composing the country, which were included 13 colonies initially, within some cohesive lawful paradigms. This foundation acts as the enforcer of the country's supreme law. It happens to be not only the shortest but also one of the world's history oldest written constitutions. The constitution's main purpose is settled on in the Preamble.

The draft creates: the foundation of the country's lawful authority, along the governance of which the United States' citizens can make personal contributions as well as the United States' Federal Government framework. In addition to this, the constitution is used to offer the government the frame work for the government's organization and integration. It further illustrates various obligations of: The President of the United States of America, as the head of the executive branch of the government, the governance of the bicameral Congress within the government's legislative branch and the Supreme Court as the government's judicial branch head.

According to Joseph (1987), the purpose of the Constitution was to offer a direction sense to the government's three arms organization and coordination. It is this draft that individual as well as combined powers of each arm of the government were to follow. The draft also contained the individual state's rights.

The Constitution of the United States of America, defines the significance of civil liberties as well as the duties and accountability of the authority in addition to defining the importance of the jury trials. To ensure that there is general welfare of the American community, the constitution's Preamble creates the significance of the union as well as the necessity for a collective line of defense. It is in this constitution where the authority of the federal government is well defined. It indicates that the federal government does not enjoy power outside that which is created in the clauses of the Preamble.

Several civil liberties are clearly spelled out in this constitution including: the importance of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of assembly, Freedom of Speech, freedom of media Access as well as freedom of Petition. In addition, Several individual rights are also classified in the constitution of the United States of America which include: Right to question arrests and property seizures, without warrant, the right to possess firearms, right to public trial for any criminal offenses as well as the right to question unusual punishment or excessive bail argues.

The United States' Constitution describes the Congress bicameral body's legislative paradigms, duties and responsibilities of the House of Representatives and the Senates as well as qualifications of representatives. The role of the Supreme Court of the United States of America in enactment of the country's laws is emphasized in the judicial specifications of the constitution. The segment which highlights the government's Executive branch defines well the Presidency of the country. The powers, oath as well as the obligations are enumerated together with the disqualification on impeachment grounds. It is also in this draft whites ere the desired interdependency and extradition between various states, immunities and civil privileges, limitations of taxation as well as the process through which amendments of the draft constitution can be made in future.

Joseph (1987) argues that, the constitution which came into place from the Philadelphia was a product of high qualified debate which compromised the judicious. It was formed on the bases of sense and necessity using legalistic uncompromising language, making it to attain sacred status. In addition the constitution borrowed a lot of ideas from the British constitution during its development. Moreover, the constitution made available further the inevitable dependence of political authority upon the power of purse. The Congress has full control. He further clarifies the Executive is responsible to restrain the executive power by withholding the appropriate necessary enforcement of executive power at all.


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