Free Opposing Immigration Bill Essay Sample

A bill that will effectively alter immigration regulations is about to be initiated. If passed, Texas residents without obligatory legal documents will be compelled to depart from the country or risk being imprisoned. As a governor, I do not agree with the clauses this bill. I have ideologically chosen the responsibility of a delegate. A delegate is a person who stands for others who hold similar opinion. As a governor opposing this bill, I shall be a delegate to both the immigrants in the country and the natives who share my opinion.

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My reasons for opposing

As there are many inhabitants residing in the country illegitimately, it would be unfair to harass them on grounds that they lack appropriate certification. Other choices must first be exhausted. For example it would be wise to grant them a chance to obtain the necessary papers to live in the country. Massive deportations would greatly affect the national economic, social and political statures. The economy might be adversely affected since these residents make essential contributions.  

There are many steps followed when making a bill to be law. The first step is the introduction of a proposed bill. This is done by a representative who supports it. It is then tabled and discussed in the house. This is called the first reading. The next step is giving the bill to a committee that will screen it in details. The public could also be called to evaluate it and give opinions. Adjustments are made if the committee finds the need to do so. It is then read for the second time and the representatives start to debate on it. A debate involves deliberation of the merits and demerits of the clauses in the bill. For instance, the central premise of this bill would be to reduce illegal immigrants in the country. The negative effects brought about by illegal immigrants would also be discussed at length (Sinclair, 2008).

After second reading, a deep discussion follows focusing on the details of every clause. Amendments could be made if applicable. At this stage, the bill can be rejected or accepted depending on the arguments and evaluations made thereof. In relation to the bill in question, the effects would be discussed. I find it necessary to introduce some crucial amendments. For example, the illegal residents should be given a grace period of getting the documents legalizing their stay. If the grace period is over before one has attained legal papers, then arrest and deportation could follow.

The president's endorsement is the last stage. Several copies of the bills are produced. The president will read and accent to it if he or she agrees. If there are questionable clauses, then the president might reject it. In the immigration bill, if the president is be presented with it in the same way it was proposed; he or she would refuse it. The reason might be that it would not be wise to just send away immigrants without giving them time to prove or give an explanation on why they want to be considered as residents.  Allowing them to legalize their stay would go a long way in strengthening the economy. Sending them away would obviously affect the crucial investments they have made (Deardorff and Stern, 2008).

I have decided to oppose this bill as it will harmfully impact the economic and cultural well being of the society. Just because there are illegal residents in the country, it does not necessarily mean that the government should blindly chase them away without considering some counterproductive effects that would destabilize the nation. A better alternative would be to enact stiffer laws that will stop people from entering in to the country illegitimately.


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