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The axiom that has been motivating me in my academic journey is "to study with the aim of seeking knowledge and skills that will enable me live a meaningful life that is beneficial to the society and individually". I have since had a lot of interest in law and so far completed Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with an emphasis in Law Enforcement and currently pursuing Bachelors of Science in Political Science with an emphasis in Law Enforcement. This success has increased my passion for law and I hereby apply to enroll in your South Texas College of Law Juris Doctor program. By accessing this opportunity in your institution, these qualities will be vital not only to my career advancement but also to the larger society. I am capable of meeting your demanding academic standards out of my desire and motivation to succeed in my legal career.

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The South Texas College of Law is my preferred school because it has excellent faculty including Donald J. Guter who is the President, Dean and Professor of Law. He is successful in legal education holding B.A. from University of Colorado and J.D. from Duquesne University and was awarded Duquesne University Dean's Career Achievement. In addition, he is an expert in national security law, military law and legal education with over thirty years of teaching experience. These dean's credentials inspire me to pursue my dreams in legal education to become a successful child advocate in future. I will strive for the best as I look up to the dean as my role model while pursuing Family Law for which the school offers trough its academic program that has a long standing efficiency. Also, the school is strategically located within a large business community and offers unlimited opportunities for students to learn in the classroom either attending full or part-time and in the workplace while interning, clerking, or volunteering within the blocks of the colleges. Moreover, the school offers a wealth of resources that will enable me to select and pursue a legal career specializing in Family Law and Children's Rights so as to become an expert in advocating for children rights. My choice of Family Law and Children's Rights is out of my passion to advocate for children having demonstrated the same by volunteering in blind school for children in Chandigarh, India on many summers. Furthermore, I choose your school because it offers chance for students to start classes in both the fall and spring, and to take classes during the day or evening as it suits their schedule, allows students who may choose to study abroad for a month or a semester and allowing participation in the best advocacy program in the country. The best advocacy programs offered by the school will improve my advocacy skills thus making me a better advocate for the children. All these programs enable the school to transition students to lawyers efficiently thus making the school my perfect choice.

My dreams and aspirations are focused towards a society with law and order that is inherent in people. In addition, I have gained work experience by working on full-time basis as I attended school and has been an active member of society. Out of the experience, I am able to analyze phenomena, choose alternatives and then implement the recommendations through taking the suitable actions. Moreover, I have spearheaded forums through the various organizations and student groups and have participated in voluntary services through motivating and encouraging the victims in different occasions which have offered an opportunity to give back and contribute to my social community responsibility. These experiences have enabled me to develop and possess communication, planning, interpersonal and leadership skills to handle sundry populace and I believe is important in your school as well my legal profession.

My GPA is low because the LSAC takes the average of both courses regardless of whether it was repeated or not. I repeated several courses but if it were not for the average formula I could have performed better and earned myself a good overall GPA. For this reason I attained my grade despite the numerous life challenges that I experienced during my studies. The lack of finances forced me to work on a fulltime basis thus affecting my grades negatively. The challenges trained me to be a professional and accountable in all my undertaking. I am a hardworking student who is persistent, ambitious and focused and I believe that I am a good performer.

I hope that you will accept my application having understood my interest and passion to join your law school and my desire to excel in legal profession. The fact that I repeated several courses and succeeded demonstrates my patience and determination to achieve my goals. In addition, the leadership and working experience has made me a better person.  I will put all my effort and never give up on my intention to excel in all my endeavors and it shall be my pleasure to achieve my dream of pursuing a legal career in South Texas College of Law. Attached is my resume for your review.


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