Free The Impact of the Declaration of Independent Essay Sample

The Declaration of Independence in 1776, by the Americans, marked a major turning point in the world. The Americans were declaring their independence from the British, who had been colonizing them.  The document tried to explain the reasons for the American resistance towards the British. Their main aim was to pass the message that all human beings were equal and should be treated with dignity.

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This day has had different impacts on the Americans and on the world as a whole. The declaration of Independence meant that the Americans were ready to form their own government and rule themselves. The Americans were ready to start their own life away from the British, who have been making all the decisions on the way forward. The document was later used in drafting the constitution. Declaration of Independence was also very important when the African Americans were fighting for freedom and equal rights and treatment as the White Americans. The document had a huge influence in the building of America as a republic. The granting of freedom to the African Americans was contributed majorly from the part of the declaration, which says that the creator gave human beings the rights to life, liberty and the right to pursue personal happiness.

After the declaration of Independence by the Americans, the document was translated into different languages leading to major discussion in Latin America and parts of Europe. This led to revolts and demand for freedom from colonists. This was a revelation for many nations. They followed the example by the Americans to govern themselves.

France was the first country to seek freedom. With the help of Jefferson, the people of France were able to draft a constitution that wanted to respect the rights of individuals and uphold equality. The slaves in the Haiti colony followed the same path as the Americans and started uprisings that were supposed to lead way to their freedom from the colonists. They were able to achieve total freedom and the former slaves were treated equally with the rest of the citizens.

The declaration of Independence by America has served in starting of revolutions in many nations under the rule of the colonists to start resistance groups, fight for their rights, and build their own countries. With the help of the words in the Declaration of independence document, people have tried to treat each other equally and try to respect the rights of a person.

The document was also useful to the African nations, who had to fight for their freedom from the Europeans who had taken their lands and forced them to work in their farms. The Europeans were making them feel inferior in their own land, mistreating them and oppressing the Africans. The declaration of Independence for the Americans meant that a new world was starting; a world where people were not looked down upon by their fellow beings. This marked the beginning of new benefits for individual countries. Countries that declared their independence drafted their constitution using the declaration of independence document as a guide.

The part of the declaration of independence, which states that all men are equal has played a major role in uniting people from different races, places, tribes or social backgrounds. Although it took many years for this part of the declaration to be accepted by many, its effects are now being seen. The African Americans are now treated equally by the constitution and by the white Americans, though there are some who still have slight discrimination. Women have also benefited from the declaration. Women nowadays have equal opportunities as men. The woman was a person whose duty  was to take care of the family, but thanks to the document they are not only working, but they are also pursuing careers which were reserved for men only.


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