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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a masterpiece that gives a tale of a man getting older, though living a bumbling the real life. This old man spends his day with a series of fantasies, wherein he imagines taking up the role of powerful and influential men. The theme of how refusal to accept reality can bring marital, related problems and absent-mindedness, while driving at high speed. In this theme, Mitty’s wife opposes her husband strongly resulting in acute differences.

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In the story, The Lottery, villagers of a small town assemble in the square during 27 June a fantastic day for the lottery of the town. The Lottery takes a little bit longer in other towns, where there are three hundred people, while the previous town had only two hundred people. The setting of the story takes place in a small town, where Tom, Dick and Harry live.  This is proven by small children who keep gathering stones and the incident of villagers grabbing stones and throwing them at Tessie who is in a clearing amidst the crowd. Secondly, the crowded environment embraces mob justice, when Tessie tries to say it is not fair she is hit with stones.

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The memoirs Barrio Boy and No Gumption are similar, since they both have same values in their teachings. The memoirs also use first persons view and lastly the characters in the memoir share similar conflicts. The memoirs are different because, in the memoir, No Gumption Russel Baker is pushed to succeed, because he lacks ambition; the pressure that from the mother has determined Baker’s writing. In the memoir, Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza, his writing is influenced by the encounters at the places, where his family lived and his personal life like learning his native language.

In the novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, there is the theme of racism.  Racism is witnessed, when an African-American is charged with raping Mayella Ewell, a young white woman. Citizens stand against the suspect of rape, but Atticus dedicates himself to defend Tom Robinson to his ability. Discrimination is portrayed, when citizens stand against Tom’s defense on grounds that he is black.

The second phase of this theme is for other children mock Jem and Scout because of Tom Robinson`s actions. These children hurl insults at them by calling them nigger lovers. Scout as a child decides to fight with the intention of reclaiming her father’s respect even though her friends have dissuaded her.

A gang of men decides to inflict injustice on Atticus by wanting to set him on fire. This is another version of discrimination that has been sparked by allegations made on Tom.  The mob, in my view, wants to set Atticus on fire, because they feel they have been deserted by his actions to defend the black man.  These actions by the characters help solidify the theme.


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