Free "I Go Back to May, 1937" Essay Sample

I go back to May 1937 is a poem published in the year 1987 and written by Sharon. The poem explores the relationship between husband and a wife and later reflects on parents and children. The poem indicates the flashback of the marriage between the parents and the expected challenges along the way. The poem has a distinctive attention to the reader stating that the parents could not have allowed to marry and at the same time that if that could have happened, then the author could not have been existed.

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Burning dreams on the sun by Michael Cleary Poem

The poem by Michel Cleary reflects of a truck driver. The driver has been accustomed to travelling at night. The speaker continues to assert that the truck driver has too much time driving. The driver is constantly in the thought of the dreams related to impossibilities that keep on shaming him during the day. The day in the poem reflects reality. The poem continues to characterize the dreams of Icarus and finally he managed to fly for some time although the wax was melted by the sun and he came tumbled down to earth. The driver in the case has brilliant ideas that might be realised some day.

Stereotypes associated with truck drivers

Stereotype reflects the standard or formulaic conception or image. Many people associate truck drivers with predetermined code of conduct. This is not always true; and exceptions do exist. The popular stereotypes in the Cleary’s poem indicates that truck drivers never dares to dream; and are almost obsessed by the long trips that keep them away from their homes. The poem continues stating that truck drivers are overwhelmed by turnaround loads. This involves loading and unloading for return trips which are unending. The trucks drivers are accustomed to spending and eating on their trips. The truck drivers lack delight in their jobs almost drowning away their dreams. They have no time with the families and the private life.

Cleary’s Poem refute on the stereotypes with truck drivers

Cleary states that people should dare; and act on their dreams. He is against the stereotypes in the community. Cleary celebrates individuals to go ahead and dare to dream and go ahead implementing their dreams. The poem has the truck drivers as the hero. He continues to challenge negative stereotypes associated with truck drivers. Clearly continues to make comparisons of the truck driver with the Greek Icarus who dared to fly and eventually managed to fly for some distance before crashing.

Icarus and Dedarus were the pioneers in the flying objects that are seen today. Their undaunted courage led to numerous researches in the field of flying that led to the inventions of the aircraft. This logical thinking suggests that both Icarus and truck drivers were marked by defiant disregard for the danger involved. The consequences are painful; but the results are certainly paying in successful transitions. The poems quote the “Purified by light”.


Cleary is concerned with dreams and the need for people taking action on their dreams. He continues to assert that truck drivers commonly associated with stereotypes feel the need of dreaming although their dreams face numerous obstacles. Truck drivers are always in their wheels day and night. Cleary is dedicated to refuting the stereotype associated with the truck drivers. Dreams come true if acted upon hence the necessity of working forth to the realisation of the thought.


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