Free Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid Essay Sample

The book Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid tells of a story of love, hate, betrayal, and desperation all rolled into one script. It is seen that Ozi’s father betrayed his best friend, all the foreign degrees that were rightfully of Daru. Being a great businessman, Ozi was always out of the country, and left his wife alone. She started a romantic affair with Daru, an affair that is doomed and a failure. It is worth mentioning that the greatest objective of the novel is to focus on the life of the rich and the poor. Daru was a good banker, but he detested the rich for their arrogance. This became the reason of unprofessionalism in his job and, as a result this led to his sacking. He could no longer afford the posh life he was used to, and started consuming hashish and heroine, becoming an addict. This drove him to forget many problems he faced in life.

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The life of the people as shown in the book is quite common between the rich and the poor in Mexico. The life is so similar because the rich in Mexico have all the best things including the best security while the poor are vulnerable to all the ills that the rich can think of. Life in Mexico, therefore, is a living hell for those who own nothing because of common shootouts between gangs. The poor form the greater security threat as they rob the rich. On the other hand, the rich use the poor in their drug peddling and other dirty deals. In fact, according to platizen, life is in Mexico is so similar to that in book. The rich live like Ozi while the poor live like Daru (Pearlstein). Another article from the China society for human rights studies indicate that the gap between the rich and the poor in China has continued to widen, even as China has continued to grow rich. It shows that the rich in China are growing extremely rich with the poor having nothing to keep them enjoying life (XIANG). The researchers indicate that the quality of life between the rich and the poor is still quite different. Study and research indicate that even in countries such as the UK and the US, there is still a great difference in the living standards of the rich and the poor. It is also the major source of conflict between the two classes. The upper class wants to use the poor to gain even more wealth while the poor wants to take almost everything from the rich. There is no place that a balance between the rich and the poor is experienced.


The illustration of this book shows a man sitting in a dark room, envisioning the life full of merriment and abundance, the life that Ozi lived. This man would definitely be Daru sitting in a room that has no electricity holding a racket to play badminton with the moth. He envisions the life he should have led but has not had the experience to. The book is really one that shows both sides of the coin: one side of the rich, and another – of the poor.


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