Free Raymond Carver and His Works Essay Sample

Raymond Carver is recognized as a short story and poetry writer with a very crisp manner of writing. He emerged in the later part of the 20th century and represented the modern era of short stories in a very specific way.. His writings are true image of integrity and brevity, which easily  can be found not only in his ‘Cathedral’ and ‘A Small Good Thing,’ but also in other works like ‘Will you Please be Quiet, Please?’ and ‘What we talk about when we talk about Love’.  

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The themes of Carver’s works are determined by his approach towards blue-collar declarations and experiences that eventually came from his personal knowledge and practices. In this paper the basic concentration is over ‘Cathedral’ (1984) and its extended version, A Small Good thing, that reflect the writer and his personal life from a clear perspective. The main character in the ‘Cathedral’ is a blind man who undergoes changes and realizes that “learning never ends.” The idea of never-ending learning is a core to the writer himself and gets reflected in the story predominantly. In Carver’s ‘A Small Good thing’, the core emphasis is over understanding of transformation in human where the aspect of learning yet remains predominant.  

It is Carver’s short and in-depth narrative technique that makes his writings so popular and important in the modern era. The key theme aspects and major content are easily grasped from Carver’s stories. By reading in one seating the reader well realizes the core content and the thematic aspect of the stories by Carver. In his stories the writer aims to provide the reader with the knowledge of real life through small life instances. Nevertheless, there is positive tone towards acceptance and pursuit of true happiness. The contribution of Raymond Carver is considered to be an integral part of the process that offers stability and steadiness to the instable mindset of the modern man. 


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