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The new article by Richtel Matt brings into perspective the introduction of a new fashion by Woolrich, which is targeted at gun owners. The new design has been christened as “the Chino” and incorporates design elements that can conceal the normal bulkiness of a gun while improving the looks of the carrier. This segment is facing increasing competition from new players in the industry. In essence, the article provides a useful insight on the needs of clothes with concealed carriers.

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First, the news on the release of the fashion line with concealed gun carriers will have less reception in Hong Kong given the fact that the culture in Hong Kong is less receptive towards weapons. Considering the social perspective on crime in Hong Kong, the approach of the locals towards crime is rather direct; hence, people will be conservative towards allowing people to carry around concealed weapons. It actually implies that people will it easy to carry weapons in formal settings, and probably increase the crime levels.

Secondly, in my previous class, I have learned that fashion is normally designed to address needs of the target customers. The concept promoted in the news indeed addresses the needs of a segment of customers by incorporating the aspect of function into the design. Additionally, I have also learned that the branding process should reflect the values of a system; hence, in this case, choosing to brand the products as “the Chinos” in a society that is sensitive on crime can be seen as degrading. Finally, the most useful aspect in the reading is the need to single out a specific segment of the industry to attain success. 


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