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This is a novel which brings out a hurtful humorous portrait concerning an old-fashioned America that is almost unmanageable and on the boundary on the bay of fiscal collapse and also a book that records a harmoniously real love affair as it blossoms from its uncomfortable undecided beginning. Hence this paper is going to analyze the story concerning its main narration by the writer and thus help us understand it in a more detailed manner. The story shows how Lenny Abramov who is a sales representative as he meets Eunice Parker who is a Korean-American graduate, the two are afflicted by lack of admiration, this is so as Lenny desires a customary need to try to make other people like him and thus this is when Eunice's bouts of anger and self-loathing that leads her to think that nothing that she cares about could last. As they both experience their ups and downs and both are also overwhelmed by having unlucky experiences of love thus led to the extent of forging a partnership that they hope would keep them safe in an insecure world.

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Sadness is also expressed in the novel where Mr.Shteyngart extrapolated a toxic development in America to ridiculous boundaries leading the United States to be at war in Venezuela thus leading to the development of National Guard Checkpoints as riots sparked in the city. These leads to books being regarded as unpleasant by the young people who even go to the extend of using text-scan data for communication as privacy has become a historical object of the past. People are furthermore obsessed about their health and as Lenny is working as a Life Lovers Outreach Coordinator for a firm that specialized in life extension, thus everyone is sad as they might lose their life any time. This is expressed where Lenny's friend told him that there was zero hour for the nation and zero hour for everything that used to make them conceited of themselves and thus love is expressed as they care about their life.

The novel is also satirized where it has been reserved for the technologies culture that carry devices called apparrti that are believed to give out credit status, relationship history and also their workers admonishes, the immediate metric is believed to have categories such as character and sustainability that involves love. As this goes on like this, it is also perceived that the narrative is divided between Lenny's old-fashioned diary entries and Eunice's e-mails, thus it's clear that behind all that pornographic artificial swaggered by these girls, hence are extremely bound to exposure. It is also clarified where Lenny sees in Eunice two elements; family-first immigrant character inherited from her parents as they both have in common and a history-free American brightness manifested as a commodity to worship. Fortunately, Lenny loves both and thus as he watches her shop her clothes he ends up marveling her and also pitying her for trying to extract meaning from an artifact that contained mostly fiber. He goes to the level of wishing that if her beauty could explain the world away thus love is portrait as he admires Eunice. 

The novel also recounts in both Lenny's diary and Eunice's e-mails that their relationship was like a country song, a ballad of desire that was spinning into love and turning into failure. This was so as Lenny believed that love could be perceived at first sight while Eunice viewed that it took a little longer before one could fall in love. She believed that she had to convince herself that Lenny's looks didn't matter and that his loyalty was real as she was worried that Lenny's believe about friendliness and elegance would win her, coincidentally and hopeless naivety, Eunice falls in love with Lenny. They begin to negotiate the exciting and domestic minefields that threaten their promising romance as there are riots and thus as everyone's apparat stops, rumor goes around that either Venezuela/ China had detonated a nuclear electronic throb in the atmosphere. This makes both Eunice and Lenny uncomfortable as Eunice is not incapable to reach her family in New Jersey and Lenny fears for his parents on Long Island and thus this leads Lenny to conclude that someday, for him to fall in love with Eunice Park just as the world fell apart would be a tragedy beyond the Greeks.  

The format of the novel has described America in a few decades down the line which is not enough to account for the changes proposed as being under Bipartisan rule, this is so as people no longer read but instead scan data from their ever-present apparati screen media devices which they are addicted to as they blatantly usually broadcast every personal data. This format is not written well as it distracts the youth where Lenny falls in love with Eunice his junior for no reason, the plot is not also clear as it does not describe where it is going but is at is turnings. The writer also tries to write about an end-of-America epic yet nothing he says is worth re-marking thus not bringing out the flow of the theme properly.


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