Free Implicit Leadership Theories Essay Sample

Leadership is the most controversial thing to discuss and especially when age and experience included. I take of the view that in assuming that it’s not possible to have fresh young leaders is impossible is of no ground to me. Firstly one cannot despise the fact experience is key but, the issue is If, we deny young people the opportunity to serve it’s of no use. It’s through these activities that they have an opportunity to lead that enable them to gain more experience leadership experience. Therefore, from my take on this debate is that the young people deserve to be given the opportunity to lead others.

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To start my argument, is that for one to be an effective leader there are qualities that we should look at despite the fact of one’s age. An effective leader should be a person of integrity, honest, courageous, committed, brave, selfless, and charismatic. It is with these virtues one may determine the performance of leader. For instance, there are old people who got the mandate from people to lead them but have failed to meet the societal demand of what a leader should be responsible for in his or her servitude. One is a good leader if he or she has a vision.  His responsibility must be seen to be effective leadership. As a leader one needs to state their Vision, and guide his or her people in the right direction. A leader will shares his or her vision. As you speak, of your vision of leadership for others, will show the force mentoring you to make your vision clear. The way you articulate your leadership skills people will recognize you as a person with leadership potential. From the following examples, I am about to illustrate here will enable me support my case in youth leadership.

To start with the story of Martin Luther King Jr. much is said about him despite being a son to the famed and inspirational father the Luther King. What interests me about him most is the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He led this protest courageously without fear when a young black woman’s rights were violated for boarding a wrong section of the bus, in the public transit system and she refuses to give the seat back to a white on request. This young and noble black American man was also behind the Birmingham unrest and its cause of destabilization was to achieve the respect of the rights of the black Americans. Its goal was to end the city’s segregation in civil and discriminatory economic policies. The unrest in Birmingham started was meant to put pressure on businesses so as to offer job employment without racism. When business owners proved to be adamant of these terms Martin king and others, began what they termed as sit in and marches intended to provoke arrest. This illustrates acts of deep courageous that were deep in Martins spirited fight against the black American oppression. At the end of the day his voice was heard and, the repressive laws and policies were repealed.

Another very precise example of leadership that is able to yield results is the icon of great admiration the first president of South Africa Nelson Mandela. Nelson was engaged in his early life in the struggle to liberate his country against the bad apartheid regime. After his education and thereafter becoming a lawyer, he engages in a tussle to fight against repression. This lands him into trouble with the authorities of the day and he is put in jail. While still in jail, he is able to document what the black natives of the country were going .through. He also coordinated the protest and get the feedback while still is prison. After his release, he becomes the country’s first black president. His reign is characterized as one that was for the people in all dimensions that life included. In fact, it is termed as one of the best, after the end of the first term he steps down for another leadership style. This was a very noble gesture since he knew what his country needed not to use his position for his advantage and gain.

 Lastly I illustrate the story of Mahatma Gandhi of India. His is a story too filled with admiration. After getting educated abroad, he comes back to his country where he engages the authority in a fight against oppression of the people. At that time, he was very young, and he suffers a great deal even physical injury when he opposes what the authority advocated for.   In conclusion, there is a possibility of people holding divergent views to mine but, one of the bases that they may criticize my view and even the examples I have indicated. But, the overall issue is that these public peers of the time that I have spent in their leadership there were tangible evidence of how effective they were in their fight. It is important to note that everybody is prone to shortcomings and, no one is perfect. With that, it is possible to draw that even over half a century passed, leadership has changed since even people themselves have become aware of their rights and thus violation is almost difficult.  Fifty years ago, many didn’t know of their even most fundamental rights.


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