Free Leadership Field Observations Essay Sample

How did they use language

Mr. Jack Rito: He is not talkative and went direct to the point. He began by recognizing the members and dignitaries present. He thanked everyone for availing themselves for the schedule. He was very simple and involved the members to deliver his point home. He was so amusing using humorous illustrations with short verbal explanation. He also used intonations and mimicry; sometimes he used figurative language, facial expressions to explain a point. He involved the members throughout the programme Language was very simple and to the point.

Rev. Isaiah: He is so talkative; he used illustrations in order to convey his message. He begun by giving a thesis for his topic and then explained particular skills by breaking them down into parts and building upon each one, and then increasing the complexity of the task until awaiting concluding aspiration was reached. His language was easy going and all members seemed to comprehend with him. He spent too much time explaining a well understood concept.

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How did they initiate the group experience

Mr. Jack Rito: He followed the protocols as he saluted the children and their patrons. He seemed official at first but he slowly by slowly there seemed to be mutual respect. He commenced by the topic of the day whereby, he explained his vision, and plan about the topic in order to prepare the children of what to expect during the schedule. He ensured that everything went as planned.

Rev. Isaiah: He saluted the children in a very compassionate tone and the children reciprocated the mood. He began by requesting the teen to lead in a song which was followed by a word of prayer. He gave a small description of what the children would expect during the schedule. Thanked all those who had organized and hosted the schedule and requested the children to feel at home as he presented.   

How did they use the site and/or facility

Mr. Jack Rito: His session was confined in the hall which was well furnished and spacious. He used the hall projector in order to display his presentation. He also used the microphone to ensure that he was audible enough to all the children. He ensured that the children utilized the available resources well by requesting them to be orderly and not to misuse any available facility provided. He organized the children in such a way that all could see the projected slides.

 Rev. Isaiah: His session was not only confined in the church hall but also moved with the children out to the grass field after the first session. He used the hall black board to present his de3. monstration. He made use of the church equipments such as drums, pianos and the guitar when singing and the microphone during his presentation that the in the hall. When in the field he ensured that the children took good care of the environment by ensuring they didn’t litter the compound. However concentration was low due other activities that were going outside.

 Did they recognize specific age group limitations?

Mr. Jack Rito: Mr. Jack tackled his topic having in mind the age group he was addressing. The children age was not greatly varying and therefore the activity addressed the right people. He tried to accommodate everyone in this activity. He ensured that he addressed questions to the appropriate respondent. He avoided using terms that could make any of the children feel out of place. He was very optimistic and boosted the children confidence through assurance of their capability to perform. He seemed to be in control of his speech and was very conservative. In case of mistakes he never hesitated to correct in a positive manner and treated all equally

Rev. Isaiah: He used a very friendly vibe; therefore, the children were able to follow easily on what he was explaining. However, he did not consider the age difference when he moved out with the children. Some children especially those who were above 16 years felt out of place when requested to take some activities like singing a singing game. Others below 10 years were also nervous when requested to answer questions in front of the people. He belittled some children who were unable to respond to his questions.

Was the activity age appropriate

Mr. Jack Rito: I am absolutely convinced that the activity was not only age appropriate but also absolutely necessary. The children addressed were of the same age group and therefore experienced similar challenges in life. The children were at a crucial age whereby if they were not guided they may end up losing focus in life. Mr. Jack stressed on the topic and handled it appropriately. There was need  to restore hope in the lives of these teenagers who seem hopeless due to inadequate parental guidance since their parents did not have ample time with them. So, with regard to age group and dangers they are exposed to, it’s to no doubt that this particular activity was to the right persons.

Rev. Isaiah: I strongly agree that the activity was age appropriate. Though he could differ sometimes and belittle some of the children his materials were very relevant to this age group. The children in this age seem to have lost focus and most of them have been involved in indiscipline cases. Therefore immediate guidance was necessary to prevent them from getting into worse crimes which would negatively affect the society. Such activity is of critical and crucial importance considering the fact that young people are exceptionally vulnerable to variety of indiscipline cases.

How did they deal with distractions

Mr. Jack Rito: Mr. Jack was in control of the session all through. He ensured that every child was totally engaged throughout the activity. He was very time conscious and therefore followed everything according to the plan he had provided. The children were restricted in movement and were not allowed to move in and out of the hall without permission from him. His humorous and promising speech kept all the children on their toes to ensure that they didn’t lose on any chance. The distraction only occurred when the electric power went off but he was audible enough even without the microphone.

Rev. Isaiah: He was very tolerant to distractions. The distractions mainly occurred when he requests the children to lead in a song and they overdid it thus wasting a lot of time. Other distractions occurred when he went outside the hall with the students and some could delay in getting back to the hall. The children also distracted with a lot of questions in which he was allowing them to ask. He requested for additional time since he was unable to cover everything on time.

Were they successful in engaging all participants

Mr. Jack Rito: I believe that he was perfectly successful in engaging his audience. He ensured that the audience grasped his message by being goal focused.  He ensured that all his humorous comments connect to the core idea of the day. He started his presentation on high tone, proceeded energetically and eventually ended strong. He was very timely on when to create humor to prevent the participants from being misdirected. It’s therefore apparent that the speaker was able to involve the audience to his level best.

Rev. Isaiah: He kept the children preoccupied by severally asking questions. The children remained attentive so as not to miss the questions asked. Rev. Isaiah was well aware of the children’s attention; he smiled at the attentive students and continued to lecture as he walked over to the chalkboard. He also involved them in small discussions in the hall and also engaged them in singing educative songs and poems. To capture the attention of the children fully, he engaged a number of them in relevant and in most calculated demonstrations.  He ensured that the audience remained active throughout the session.

 What was their strength

Mr. Jack Rito: His main strengths are the administrative ability. He is time cautious and mastery of the topic at hand was evident, as he did not read through his presentation. His ideas were organized logically in which he delivered with minimal mental strain. He usually paused at times in his talk in order to stress important points.  He was clear and comprehensive He was very confident and stayed positive throughout the session. He smiled to put his audience at ease. His ideas were very original and interesting. He did not rely on his own knowledge to make his presentation. He relayed his message in a systematic flow. He had the interest of the children at hand.

Rev. Isaiah:  I think Rev. Isaiah strength would have to be his conversational ability.  He made eye contacts to the children and kept an encouraging face to the children. He spoke clearly and loud enough to ensure all the children could hear. He was very enthusiastic, he showed great excitement and interest when he was talking. He listened to his audience and responded positively to their questions. He also used hand gestures to explain various concepts.

 What was their weakness

Mr. Jack Rito: Mr. Jack assumed a lot for his audience. He failed to explain some concepts that seemed simple to him thinking that it was understood. He assumed that the children were able to analyze some figures he demonstrated. He also made so many mistakes and avoided questions from the audience. He used unclear language sometimes mispronouncing words. He could sometimes speak too low, too fast or in a monotone. Some of his slides were illegible, with small print, large tables of data. I suggest that Jack could at least soften and be a bit social. Some of the children feared him despite his humorous comments. He ought to have eased up and allow the children to ask questions as he progressed.

Rev. Isaiah: He did not demonstrate full mastery of what he was talking about. His presentation was unclear with some illustration not visible. Sometimes he could wader around talking about something and using illustrations that could not match. He made unnecessary conclusions and later continued to talk of something else. He was not specific, and repeatedly restating of introduction. His mode of dressing did not match the occasion. He was so talkative and sometimes he could get confused when a concept he tried to drive home was unsuccessful. He used note cards which I believe are old fashion. He read almost everything he was talking about. I think that Rev. Isaiah would have been selective on everyone he asked questions or asked to play since some children felt intimidated or scared. 

 Would you allow your child to participate in the leader’s program

Mr. Jack Rito or Rev Isaiah: I would allow my children to participate in both classes to convey the relevant message though their communication strategies differed. Mr. Jack was very humorous thus my child will not get bored during his training. He is also very strict and thus, my child will respect him and obey his orders which I believe will be reciprocated to my orders. He was time cautious and had good mastery of the topic at hand, since he did not read through his presentation. His positive mind was also encouraging an attribute that others can emulate. Rev. Isaiah used a lot of tradition stories and illustrations which I believe are educative. Therefore my child would learn more about tradition as well as discipline lot from his stories. Allowing the children to feel at ease and participate in such an activity makes them strong and confident and this is a golden opportunity to prepare them to be responsible, respectable, humble and obedient citizens.


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